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Rules, Terms and Conditions.MUST READ BEFORE FIRST POST!!!

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Welcome To Crackians

Thanks For Joining Us

Rules, Terms and Conditions


Posting Rules


  1. Posting and Talking on the Crackians should be only in ENGLISH.
  2. Members are allowed to make 5 posts in 24 hour time duration. Reason is to promote active contributors, and give members who contribute a chance to move to higher level, which is member plus or more. 
  3. Posting should be made in the Correct forum. So, you can find the correct form tutorial in every section like sentry config section, account sections
  4. Use "Code" BBCode for Posting Links.
  5. Leeching of any data from Crackians to other site is strictly not allowed.
  6. If we catch you involved in changing account passwords auto ban!! The same if we catch you trying to gain rank by cheating . We work hard for our Rep here and expect you to do the same!!
  7. Users are only allowed to reply to one of the same type thread per 24 hours. If you find any post/topic is dead Please report it using then edit your post to state not working . only then may you move on to try another of the same account type, this helps keep the forum clean.
  8. URLs shortener links with ads are not allowed



  • We do not allow temporary email domains like 10minutemail, yopmail, etc.
  • Do not spam the board, with useless posts, to increase you post counter. If you like a post, you can give a positive rep to the user.
  • Please show respect to our crackers here who work hard to provide you with Premium content. comments like thanks, thxxxxxxx, cooool, sooooooooooooo and so on will not be tolerated. Leave a decent comment and use the heart button to like a post . Its the best way to thank them for their hard work.
  • Do not spam the forum or it will lead to Warning or instant ban depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Do not create dupe accounts. 1 account per user/IP is allowed.
  • Do not make dupe account for increase your rep. It will get your both account permanent ban.


  • Advertising any other forums / sites in public or via PMs, is not allowed.
  • Adf.ly, Linkbucks, adfoc.us, other sites not allowed



  • Do not spam or advertise in the chatbox.
  • chatbox is a place for members to talk with other members and have fun at the same time.
  • No Arguing with Staff members.
  • Requesting in chatbox is stictly Prohibited.



  • No Requsts IN Chatbox/PM, you can make Your Requests in Request Section.
  • Be clear while posting your request.
  • Do not spam the requesting section.
  • Inform any staff when your request is completed.



  • Selling of Bank Related items is strictly prohibited.
  • Give complete information of you stuff for selling.
  • Try to keep MarketPlace clean by contacting any staff to help them remove the completed sales thread.
  • Crackians takes NO responsibilities on ANY transaction that occurs at any time.
  • Only use your own account for buying and selling.
  • Report the fraud immediately to any admin/mod

Dead Accounts/Configs:

  • When you find non-working accounts / config, we invite you to click on the "Report Post" button! The advantage of having a clean forum means less waste of time searching and retrieving functional material. In addition to this benefit, you are also requested to post the material in the appropriate section to ensure that you do not have a dispersive forum. Having a clean forum is everyone's responsibility !!
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