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The Place Between Here and There A True and Beautiful Near Death Experience by Ka...

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The Place Between Here and There A True and Beautiful Near Death Experience by Katherine Plant
epub | 770.53 KB | English | Isbn:B0876ZLBKH | Author: Stephen Weber, Katherine Plant | PAge: 189 | Year: 2020


If you are grieving from a heartbreaking loss of a loved one, this book may help you find peace.  If you are wondering if all you see here on earth is all that is, this book may bring some insight to your thoughts. If you are a person who believes in the infinite spirit inside each of us, this book may be an affirmation of all that you hold sacred.  After an accident leaves a loving father in a coma, on the verge of life and death, he travels to another place. On the outside, he was in a hospital bed; but, on the inside he was in a place he calls, "The Place Between Here and There." It was a place where time did not exist, where people were spirits and bliss is achieved through understanding.   • Everyone and everything have a spirit. 

• Your higher self is always in spirit and is guiding you. 
• All spirits are connected and form the one universal consciousness. 
• Your consciousness grows from both good and bad experiences. 
• You can connect and communicate with those in spirit. 
• Signs and synchronicities are your connection to spirt.  This book details his journey to this wondrous place, then back to earth, where he must rehabilitate from grave injuries, only to then experience the worst tragedy a parent can imagine. With the help of a soul connection from the higher realms, he finds his way back to the peace and bliss he learned from The Place Between Here and There.  Catherine Wrote: This is not a usual NDE read such as "going through the tunnel" or "toward the light". It is a remarkable and factual account of a soul's journey through the afterlife and the valuable lessons learned while there.  Erica Wrote: This book is beautifully written and grabs you from the very beginning. Steve's story and spiritual journey is so moving and inspiring you won't want to put the book down. If you or someone you know is grieving a loved one, this book is a blessing. For me, I can't get enough of NDE stories and what happens to people when they return. One thing I know for sure is we don't have to have an NDE to benefit from those who've been 'between here and there' to reap the benefits of what they've experienced and learned. Highly recommend this book!  Lisa Wrote: An absolute must read! This book is a testament to life, love, lessons, and life after earth. A truly amazing and real experience journey through life as we know it and a place between here and there. If you are a believer of signs and synchronicities, you will find great affirmations here. If you are not, this story will heighten your awareness to them. This is a book you will surely want to read more than once. I just finished the Kindle version and will now be ordering a few paperbacks for gifts  Bob Wrote: I was finding it hard to not feel depressed during this current health and economic crisis. My wife gifted me your book, "The Place Between Here and There", because she thought it would make me feel better.  I read late into the night. This morning, there is sunshine. I feel a new strength and see with a bigger perspective. I just want to say the book is tremendous and will fascinate and help so many people for years to come. There are many people I am excited to share this with, people in my family who will benefit greatly from this book, and I will proudly pass this gift along to everyone. **

Category:New Age Theosophy, Occult Near-Death Experiences, Gaia Religions

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