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staff Staff Recruitment [OPEN]

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Hello Crackians members,

Our community is growing, So we require additional help from our members. We are currently looking for some members that will be promoted to different groups (Beginner, Moderator, Cracking God, Config Maker)  who needs to help us maintain peace on the forum and help it grow even more. In order to be considered for these positions, you will need to make an application and we will pick some applicants to be promoted.


Send your application to Alexandre1337 or nu11byt3



Our application format:




Crackians application format version 1.0

1. Motivation

  1. Describe yourself as a member:
  2. What motivates you to join Crackians?:
  3. Why choose the Crackians over any other forum?:
  4. What does loyalty mean to you?:
  5. How would you describe the Crackians's image?:
  6. How would you protect our image?:
  7. Is there anything you want to add regarding motivation?:

2. History

  1. Tell us about your history of cracking/hacking:

3. Rules and agreements

  1. Have you read Crackians's rules?:
  2. Which rule is, according to you, the most important and why?:
  3. Do you agree with Crackians' rules?

An important question

Which group you want to join?

(Beginner, Moderator, Cracking God, Config Maker)


  • Please refrain from applying for administrator as we don't entertain such requests. If you're too inactive after getting accepted you'll be demoted. If we deem you worthy of a higher group, we'l move you to a higher group.
  • Don't include any personal info in the application post that can be used to identify you for your own safety.






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Board Life Status

Board startup date: May 07, 2019 15:12:43


  • Staff and Crackers are requested to post only maximum 5 accounts per post in free accounts section to avoid leeching. More than 5 accounts can be posted in Staff and VIP Section

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