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  1.  All forum rules are applicable include the Chatbox, please read them carefully to avoid any issues.
  2. Buying/selling/trading within the Chatbox is forbidden, this includes linking your thread. Members may not use the Chatbox to request accounts, requesting those will be punished accordingly.
  3. Please refrain from posting accounts / other items inside the Chatbox.
  4. Drawn-out arguments should be taken to PM, do not be inconsiderate of other members.
  5. Do not PM staff to remove your ban, bans will not be reversed.
  6. Asking for likes/reputation/vouches within the Chatbox is prohibited.
  7. Do not spam the Chatbox, for any reason.
  8. Do not post any download links on the Chatbox, for any reason.
  9. Do not use BBCodes on Chatbox at all times, doing so will lead to a punishment. (/me and such Chatbox commands are also included)
  10. Do not ask for any kind of help on Chatbox as this isn't allowed. Chatbox is mainly for chit-chats.
  11. Refrain the usage of excessive caps, doing so will result in a punishment

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