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privacy Threat to Privacy, Emergency Powers And Creeping Authoritarianism

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Humanity is going through a hard time due to the coronavirus pandemic and government all over the world are taking scrict actions to help control the spread of the disease and flatten the curve but how scrict is too strict. It all started with China increasing public monitoring and survielence. Chinese companies are meanwhile rolling out facial recognition technology that can detect elevated temperatures in a crowd or flag citizens not wearing a face mask. Some might say that we need to enforce such laws and monitoring to fight and end this pandemic but many forget to ask, what happens when this pandemic is over?


Recently, Hungary's PM got power to rule by decree with no end date effectively circumventing democratic institutions in a European Union member state. Notably, no elections can take place while the measures are in effect and the bill does not include an end date, making him a dictator with a puppet parliament. The bill includes harsh penalties of up to five years in prison for spreading anything the government deems “fake news,” leading to fears over press freedom.

Coronavirus spreads autocracy. Coronavirus panic has led to the curtailment of civil liberties in open societies worldwide, as the freedom to assemble and to travel is reduced to stop the virus spreading. In Foreign Policy, Florian Bieber writes that although the coronavirus is temporary, the society it creates could be permanent, “The pandemic may well lead to a serious decline in democracy around the world. It is crucial that liberal democracies show self-restraint and vigilance.”



You might think that Hungary is alone in this aspect of authoritarianism and you couldn't be more wrong. Ten Countries have started  tracking phone data of the en masse citing 'safety of citizens' and many more getting ready to impose harsh public surveillance and you may think so what, it doesn't affect me and you may be right - for now but we don't know what's about to come for us tommorow let alone after this pandemic is gone. 

After the 9/11 attacks the US government decided to enact Patriot Act giving itself power to to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools and the law is still in effect today as it's shown times and times again that if you ignore the inital backlash from the public, the en masse becomes desensitized and get used to such tactics by the government. 


If you don't believe any of what I've written above just watch this short clip of Trump saying that "We need to go back to work." when instead he should've said that the working class needs to go back to work so that the 1% doesn't lose a few dollars. We don't care if you die. Paid Sick Leave, what's that? 

The top 5% of the world held 72.6% of world wealth as of 2012 and as the wealth distribution gap increases it will only increase. Why do you think the drugs that cost 8$ in Australia costs 1000-2000$ in US (AIDS Drug). We don't recognise that the world as a whole is mostly capitalist just like the US and our government isn't any better and we would be quite wrong to trust them with our safety and well - being economic or otherwise.


No, US isn't a country built on getting it done, it is a country founded on exploitation and it's still going on. Minimum wages in the US have increased by 12 cents in last 50 years accounting for inflation while the prices of basic commodities and essential drugs have skyrocketed. 

Go back to work you say? Why not just speak up the truth. He should've said- "Some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice I am willing to make"

It's the same whether you're in US or Bangladesh. The rich keeps getting richer while paying you - the one that gets the work done as low as possible. They are safe in this crisis, they can afford to sit out at home in their luxirious bunglows and mansions while telling you to go back to work. 

It is becoming increasingly important to cover your digital footprints and minimise the data that you have available in public domain. Who knows what that data could be used for, now or in the near distant future.
Here's how you can do that.

  1.  Minimise the use of carrier based calling and use end-to-end encryption VoIP whenever possible. Whatsapp has end-to-end encryption but I wouldn't trust them completely since its owned by Facebook. A better option is Signal or Telegram since they have regained our trust when threatened with government censorism whereas whatsapp follows what the government says.
  2.  Don't install any government sponsored applications on any of your personal devices. That in itself is an open invitation to being monitored. 
  3.  ALWAYS BE SKEPTICAL, ohh the government is offering you something for free in exchange for nothing? Remember nothing is free, everything the governent does is paid for by us taxpayers.
  4.  Speak Up, share that opinion, discuss it, open discussion is very important whether it is with family and friends or a random person on the internet.
  5. Use TOR for non-essential online browsing, much better than paying for a VPN which could act as a middleman and be logging all your browsing history and for the love of tech, DON'T USE FREE VPNs, remember if the product is free, then you are the product.

That's all I had to say on this topic. I, same as all of you had a lot of free time during this pandemic and decided to share my two words regarding the increasing dystopian world we leave in.

I wish you and your family a healthy and bright future and if any of them are sick, speedy recovery and on this note I'll end this rant and leave you to discussion and criticism (if any). Remember, I am the admin, not your dictator. I welcome all comments except for harassment and/or racist ones.

PS: If you're a landlord, just let your tenants skip rent for these months, they probably are already having a hard time financially. Let them pay it back when and if they can. If this line changes the mind of atleast one landlord it was worth me writing it here.

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