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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. snowpatrol

    i buy bitcoin

    inbox me
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  6. HI, With this method, completely autopilot and newbie frendly, you will earn cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, DOGE and many others) for free, without risk and without investment, by participating in a simple dice game. On the site where we will apply our method there is a faucet from which you can withdraw a certain amount of cryptocurrency for free for each of the available cryptocurrencies through which you can start playing without the need to make any deposit. Similarly, no deposit is required in order to withdraw the winnings obtained using only the currency received from the free faucet. One of the most attractive features is the referrals system which, hear, hear, provides for a profit calculated on the basis of what your referrals bet and, therefore, regardless of whether they have or have not won, have or have not deposited, etc. In summary, this method: Does Not Require Investment (no deposit -> no risk), Provide Free Faucets Is Autopilot (10 min setup) Is Newbie Friendly Has a super profitable referrals system: You will earn the commission from your referrals's each betting, regardless of the origin of the currency bet (whether from the free faucet or a deposit) and whether you or your referrals have or have not deposited. Other free bonuses made available by the site: “Cause Rain”: allows users to donate to other users chosen at random from the system. Receive cryptocurrencyextra for free if: you set and verify the emal, you set up 2fa authentication, you subscribe to LuckyFish, you install the desktop app. The Method 1) Register at this link 2) Go to the faucet and request the Dogecoin for free. (In itself the method works with any crypto currency, but provided that we have a sufficiently high amount of cryptocurrency that allows us to be able to withstand even very long sequences of losing outcomes. The Doge provided free of charge by the faucet are more than enough to insure us against these negative sequences). 3) Go to the page with the list of games and select the Dice Multiplayer game 4) Go to the top of the window and select DOGE from the list of cryptocurrencies that can be wagered 5) configure the Dice Multiplayer as follows (see the screenshot at the bottom) MANUAL / AUTO: select AUTO BET AMOUNT: 0.00000001 WIN CHANCE: 66.00 (PAYOUT will be automatically set to 1.50) NUMBER: 0 (this value indicates the number of automatic bets that you want to make, after which the game will stop automatically) ON WIN (%): select Reset and set the value to 0.00 ON LOSS (%): select Increase and set the value to 200 6) When you are ready, press the START button to start the game and the STOP button to stop it manually With these settings you can run the game even for many hours during which you will see your profits increase slowly but steadily. Tip: since the amount of the initial bet (the BET AMOUNT) is very very small compared to the capital owned, it is possible to increase the BET AMOUNT to 0.00000002 or 0.00000004 without any risk. In general, the advice is always to do tests with minimum bets and then try to increase them when you have become familiar with the system. Good Game, Good Luck
  8. 940K HQ MIXED COMBOLIST Email-Pass [NETFLIX,HULU,SPOTIFY,VPN,SHOPPING,BTC,MORE...] Download Hope you enjoy and support my work!
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