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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. This will be the only Paypal guide you will ever need. The Tools you need to complete this guide: 911.re SOCKS (not VPN) MUST BE RESIDENTIAL SOCKS - $26 USD or your own Proxy provider TextVerified.com do not use Textnow or any other shit VOIP - $2 USD Bank account with the FULLS info used to make it (Simple Bank, Chime, Varo, Chase, etc) - $30-100 VCC would suggest it be from the same bank as 3. CC cleaner - any version (say no to all trials etc, should let you still use without paying) - $0 Step 1 - Setup & cleaning Use Mozilla or Brave Browser Go to Options > Type Cookies > Clean Cookies Go to CC Cleaner, delete all data from the selected browser (Cache, cookies, etc) Connect to Zipcode of Fulls info Check for Ip leaks (whoer.net etc) Once you confirm you're connected and no leaks then connect to Paypal Step 2 - Signing up When on Paypal.com, Sign up Use the fulls info, and text verified number to sign up Connect the bank via login or via routing (micro-deposits 2 days) Adding card/VCC will fully verify the account. TIP: verifying a PayPal is only when a bank and card is added, nothing else. ( You literally get an email once you add the card and bank saying you're verified ) Step 3 - Shepherding Since your account is new, good and service will be held, and the account will be under probation Receive 10 legit payments, (goods and services), not from others you don't trust yet. let the money sit for the required time (7-21 days) you will receive an email letting you know the money has been moved to your balance. from there on you can start to accept goods and services instantly DO's & Don'ts DO NOT LOG INTO OTHER PAYPAL ON THAT BROWSER (using multiple account on one browser) IF YOU'RE NOT FROM THE COUNTRY YOU MADE THE ACCOUNT - ENSURE NOT TO LEAK YOUR IP YOU CAN GET SHADOW BANNED IF YOU DONT SEE ANY ERROR MESSAGES, BUT DONT SEE A SEND OPTION WHEN TRYING TO SEND FUND (SHADOW BAN) USE ANON BROWSER TAB DO NOT LOG ON VIA ANDROID OR ANYWHERE ELSE IF YOU CANT ENSURE THE IP IF YOU'RE RECEIVING FRAUD TRANSFER, MAKE TO PASS IT THROUGH SCAPEGOAT ACC, THEN CHARGEBACK ON THE ACCOUNT, TO PROTECT MAIN BEST TO ALWAYS HAVE THE DRIVER LICENSE OR PASSPORT, INCASE OF LIMITATIONS IF YOU GET LIMITED I CAN HELP VERIFY CULT SERVICES DO NOT LET OTHER PEOPLE CREATE PAYPAL FOR YOU, BECAUSE DIFFERENT IP Hope this was helpful, so many ask me for PayPal every day, just spent 2 hours writing this, also will be doing a Paypal live course, where i show individuals over a screen share how to sign up for PayPal etc
  2. Hello crackians, I'm sharing a little config pack In this config pack : paypal config capture balance Netflix config capture subscription Crunchyroll capture subscription and pornhub capture subscription ! All is for openbullet Link : https://mega.nz/file/8JU31YTK#OKH_nVT6YrzzCv6iMDJnwZ1emg4BS4i0bU97iT_gBg8 thanks :)
  3. Only Accounts with Subscription goes to hitAccounts with no subscription/Expired goes to custom
  5. Could anyone get me either an account or make a config (or assist me in making one) for Cricut access? the Login Page is https://cricut.com/en_us/customer/account/login/. I would be willing to pay for the help. Thanks!
  6. if you're interested, message me in discord! Ferous#1922 or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me in discord!
  7. Please dont leach! This is NordVPN Account Checker By zWurs, its one of the best NordVPN Account Checkers that u can get!! And its fast
  8. Enjoy video games at great prices with Steam deals and discounts Payment option Paypal, bitcoin, steam wallets ,indian any payment method

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