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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Changelog: Version 1.3.2 Added "Unescape" function block to decode unicode escape characters. (EX: \u00fc, \x5C, etc) Added OCR Block. (Disabled) Added OCR Settings page. (Disabled) New .dll additions for OCR functionality. All OCR is DISABLED, it still needs a lot of settings, and vigorous testing phases done.UPDATED! 6/22/2019Hey all, Pure here. Posting another Version of my Mod.I have Cut ties with team paradox, My Updates are now under OpenBullet Modded (Anomaly) Not OpenBullet Paradox. Also there is a new Dev helping me with Updates now.Version 1.3.2 removes all Paradox branding and fixes the Kill Switch from the Paradox VersionAdditional Features of this modIntegrated proxy scraperCombo-ToolsIntegrated LoliX DecrypterAdditional Features in the function block.higher Bot CountAble to set and save default Proxy testing Site/KeyTODO: Add OCRIf you are interested in future updates please join the discord. Its linked in the program.DL LINK:
  2. Hey guys, Since many people have some LoliX configs that they cannot use, I decided to "fix" the old OpenBullet. You can now use your LoliX configs once again ! VT: [Hidden Content] -- NOTE: I was unable to locate the HTTP link for the update check within OpenBullet.exe so this is the best I can do for now. Once I am able to locate that link, you don't have to use HTTP Debugger anymore and I will update this thread with the new links.
  3. --------- ------------------------------ Name Captcha False Capture ['Plan', 'Expires', 'Account'] Proxies True Author INFINTEY Wordlists MailPass| --------- ------------------------------