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  1. hey mate welcome to the site. what i would suggest is inboxing one of the staff and just asking them. best to be safe then get banned and me give you wrong information. enjoy your stay with us on crackians
  2. hey all i thought id share where i download my pc games from and never had any probs plz enjoy and leave a like https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/
  3. hey guys im good at posting new things for members mainly combos and configs. would be great if i could lend a hand. i do work though and have kids so cant be on 24/7 but will help out quite a bit
  4. hello all here we have PSN Bruteforcer 2020 have fun with it guys just give me a like thats all i ask thanks
  5. will be adding more and more as i get them finished.
  6. and another for you guys please enjoy and like
  7. here you can capture Steam games never tried it as i have consoles but please enjoy and leave a like
  8. here you go guys please enjoy and leave a like
  9. Please enjoy and leave a like
  10. Yes you seen right 5million HQ Gaming Combo just leave a like and ill be happy.
  11. Here i have a WISH config in .anon it has high cpm was working when last tried. any probs please post here and ill do my best to fix it please leave a like
  12. perfect for all your gaming needs please leave a like

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