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  1. This Python script can generate credit cards and it's information.
  2. Hello and welcome. Description: You may be familiar with the word "Cracking". But what does it mean? Cracking is essentially same as hacking, except what you hack is an random account of any kind. Let's get to the point of this topic, today I'll show you how to be an cracker from the beginning. There are two kinds of ways to crack accounts. Throughout: Leeching SQL injecting/dumping Bruteforcing A.K.A Generating (Unrecommened) But which one is the best? Well, cracking throughout SQL attacks has always been the most effective way; results are better. But nonetheless it's harder and consumes a lot of time based on system you're working. Cracking throughout leeching is very fast and easy, but as I said results are worse in this case. Why? Because you are collecting something shared by someone, and used by many peoples. It's like ordering an pizza except pizzamen ate most of it during delivery ?. The way crackers crack accounts is simple. You need combos (a bunch of emails and passwords list) and proxies (sometimes optional). Those are loaded to specific tools we call "checkers", these check given credentials one by one and display the results. Steps: First of all you need keywords. An keyword is a word or sentence you use to continue further. For instance, "netflix accounts 2019" can be a keyword. As a developer, I have created an tool to make this step easier. (Download and learn how to use it here) Second, you need dorks. Dorks are combined words used to collect URLs via search engines. A dork is composed of keyword, page type and page format. Some tools allow the use of URL requests also, but it's nothing too fancy. (View the first picture) This is for now guys, I'm not very active due to work and other stuff, so... I will continue the series day after a day. Till then, see ya!
  3. Does it work? I'm hunting some of these... probably will verify and publish them soon ?
  4. Here's a proxy list. It has about 20k proxies. [hide] proxy starter pack.txt [/hide]
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