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  1. Hello Crackians, Due to members' inactivity, we will allow you to use the ads link, so that we have a larger and active community. Regards, Administrator
  2. LEECHERS will get BAN HAMMERED LIKE for more content! As people use any public accounts, they may change the password so that nobody can have them, so please don't complain about it. If you want some private non public Netflix account then go buy some.
  3. Staff applications are currently open , You can Apply Here.
  4. Hello Crackians members, Our community is growing, So we require additional help from our members. We are currently looking for some members that will be promoted to different groups (Beginner, Moderator, Cracking God, Config Maker) who needs to help us maintain peace on the forum and help it grow even more. In order to be considered for these positions, you will need to make an application and we will pick some applicants to be promoted. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Send your application to Alexandre1337 or nu11byt3 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Our application format: Regards, Administration
  5. Thanks for your efforts, you should post your topic here: https://crackians.com/forum/38-streaming-accounts/
  6. If You Like This post Don’t Forget To Tell In The Comments. I’m Waiting For Your Valuable Feedback Doesn’t Matter Good or Bad. If You have Any Question Don’t Hesitate To Contact Me You Can Contact Me.

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