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  1. Iman Gadzhi - Influencer Ignited 2.0 | 3.08 GB For Agency Owners, Course Owners or Coaches How I Started & Scaled My Personal Brand Agency To 'Fiercely' Profitable Levels (Without Knowing Any Fancy Ads or Funnels) When You Join Influencer Ignited, You Get Full & Immediate Access To: 25+ Hours of Step By Step Training: ($4,997 Value) The course has 25+ hours of step by step training on precisely how to take your Personal Brand to $10k/pm by selling coaching & courses. Full-Time Coach On Hand: ($1,997 Value) I have a full-time dedicated coach on hand who has been personally trained by me in the Facebook group to answer any and all of your questions. Together, him and I are scouring the customer community to make sure no question goes un-answered. LIVE Q&A Call Every Month: ($1,997 Value) Every month, I do a LIVE 1-2 hour call answering questions with the customer community. My current honest hourly rate for coaching is $2,000 per hour. You get 1-2 hours of this every month as a student of the course. Private Mastermind Group: ($997 Value) Not only do you have the 25+ hour course, a dedicated coach and LIVE Q&A calls... you also have hundreds of other students in the course there to help you. Many of these people are making $10,000/pm+ Scrs, One-Click Funnels, and More: ($1,997 Value) This program is designed to be a plug n' play system. I provide students with one click intergrations for lead generation & sales funnels. You get scrs, work-sheets, cheat sheets and more. It's all pre-made for you. HOmepage: https://go.iag-media.com//influencer-ignited Screenshots Link Download
  2. Jesse Jhaj - Endless Options Dating Course | 2.6 GB Discover a “Plug-And-Play” Dating-App “Formula” (Now Replicated by 3,967+ Average Looking Guys) To Match With Girlfriend Quality Women In Less Than 24hrs… How To Use “Emotional Highs” on Dating Apps & Go From Zero To Flooded With Matches, Flowing Conversations and Dates Lined Up Each Week With Girlfriend Quality Women Who Else Wants: An Abundance of Quality Matches You’re Excited About… To Go On As Many Dates As You Choose… And To Find The Perfect Long-Term Woman For You? Dear friend, It’s Jesse, from Simple Pickup… Let me ask you a few questions… Are you rarely (if ever) matching with women you’re EXCITED about? Wish you were seeing multiple new stunning matches each time you open your apps… so you can eventually find amazing women to spend your time with? Do women leave you on read, ghost you and flake on you? Want to discover a stupidly-simple system that “flips the switch” and gets “out-of-your-league” types of women chasing you and messaging you for your attention instead… and GUARANTEES they’ll show up for the date? (I have a 99% show-up rate, and there’s a method to this) Is your dating life almost non-existent? Wish you had multiple women chasing you each day to hang out and get to know you (even during COVID)? Are you convinced only model looking guys have success with dating apps? And wish you knew how even below average looking guys can “fix” their pictures so they can match with stunning, girlfriend quality women online? Well, if you answered “YES” to any of the questions above then read this letter from top to bottom because you’re about to discover how to become one of the FEW men on earth who is being chased by women online. Here’s The Truth: High-Quality Women on Dating Apps are STARVING For Fun, Interesting Matches, Conversations and Dates (They Want To Meet You, But You’re Screwing It Up!!) Ask any attractive woman to show you her Tinder account. What you’ll see is hundreds of likes, countless matches, and an equal amount of boring 3 letter openers… like “hey”, or “sup”. Put yourself in her shoes… If you have 50+ guys that are all telling you the same thing, would you have the patience to respond to everyone? HELL no. You’d ignore everyone who’s saying the same thing (even if the guy is smoking hot – you wouldn’t even check his profile)… because you’d be bored out of your mind. (Believe it or not… most women online are looking for the same thing you are. Which is a genuine connection, a fun time, and usually a partner they can be with long-term… so being hot isn’t all that matters to them) You see… out of the hundreds of messages she might get, maybe… just MAYBE one of them will get her attention. And half of the time, the guy is going to screw it up and say something weird, stupid or creepy. Have you been that guy? If so don’t worry, because I’m about to show you how to absolutely crush it with dating apps. To Be Really Successful, As a Man on Dating Apps, You Basically Need to Be a Master Marketer You see… Online dating requires you to be good at selling and marketing yourself. And this is ESPECIALLY true if you’re a guy. The problem is that most guys have no idea how to market themselves, particularly online… Their bio’s are bland or boring… Their pictures weren’t taken for the purpose of a dating profile (huge mistake)… Their first messages make women massively turned off (sorry but, “Hi gorgeous” just won’t cut it)… And they have no idea how to lead an interesting, stimulating conversation by text… Which kills attraction and makes women flaky to show up on dates… Face it… Nobody has ever taught you how to market yourself (especially for online dating). The most common advice out there is “be yourself”. Which is great… But when something’s not working you’ve got to start doing something different. So if you’re not getting matches, women are ghosting you, and you’re not lined up with dates with women you’re attracted to and excited to meet… Then you’ve got to TRY something new. That doesn’t mean stop “being yourself”… however, instead you’ve got to level up your skills for attracting women online, while still remaining true to you. This is what you’re about to learn in the next few minutes… Bear with me, because I’m about to show you my proven-system that’s helped literally thousands of “average-looking-Joe’s” to get flooded with high quality matches, and having to pick and choose which women they want to go out with each week. Hi, I’m Jesse… And I Used To Think I WasJust Too Fucking Ugly For Online Dating If you don’t know me already, let me quickly introduce myself… I’ve been a dating coach for over a decade now. Years ago my friends and I created the company and YouTube channel, Simple Pickup… which had a total of 500 million views. Half a billion views! That still blows my mind that we achieved that. We then moved on, and created a new company teaching folks how to go viral online. I had gotten into a 6 year long relationship, and suddenly, one day… my ex broke up with me. I was devastated, confused and kind of lost. After 6 years I was single again. And although I was a dating coach, this felt like totally new territory for me. So like just about any other single guy, I joined all the dating apps. And despite being a “successful” business guy in LA, and being at least “average looking”, my online dating results were garbage. I’d get a handful of matches every week, but I’d rarely match with women I was super thrilled about. So naturally I thought to myself: “I must just be too fucking ugly for online dating”. I remember going on some dates… and within minutes of meeting the girl we both realized there’s no chemistry. We’d finish our drink and go our separate ways. As an entrepreneur, I hate wasting my time. So I gave up on dating apps, until… Despite being a successful entrepreneur, with his “shit” together… I wasn’t getting quality matches online, and I nearly gave up. At about 2am one night, after going out to the bar with my best friend, and not having connected on a deep level with any women… I realized there’s gotta be a better way to meet women I’m attracted to and that I connect with on a really deep level. And I asked myself. “How can I leverage the internet to meet an abundance of women I’m interested in?” Screenshots Link Download
  3. Mindvalley Course Collection 2020 Mindvalley Course Collection 2020 | 300.64 GB Mindvalley Programs Unleash the Best in You Mindvalley creates the world’s best programs in every category of human transformation (and now entrepreneurship). Learn from the best teachers on our powerful science-based learning platform. The Mindvalley Education Model Global change and new technologies like AI are disrupting work and careers. Traditional education never prepared you for this. We teach you how to thrive in this new world - with education that really matters for 2020 and beyond. But we don’t just stop with great education – we use AI and new technologies to create a powerful global network for you, connecting you with the right people, connections and transformation to build your best life. Transform with The World’s Best Programs Your time is valuable, so every minute you spend learning counts. We work with the leading expert in every field to create the world’s foremost program in that area using Mindvalley’s human transformation philosophy. Learn from The World’s Top Experts in Human Transformation Mindvalley screens over 1,000+ applications a year to select the very best teachers in the world. This is why we have over 11,000+ stories of remarkable human transformation. 1. Awaken the Species Neale Donald Walsh 1. Energy Medicine Donna Eden 1. FENG SHUI Marie Diamond 1. LifeBook 1. The Habit of Ferocity Stevan Kotler 1. Unlocking Transendence Jeffery Allan 3. Conscious Parenting Mastery - By Dr. Shefali Tsabary 4. Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nichols 5. Evolutionary Woman by Barbara Marx Hubbard 6. Be a Modern Master 7. Total Transformation Training by Christine Bullock 8. Super Reading by Jim Kwik 24 Hours of Love or Above Be Extraordinary Chakra Healing Duality - Jeffery Allen Eric Edmeades - The WildFit Program FENG SHUI Marie Diamond Hero Genius Legend Jon & Missy Butcher - Lifebook Life Visioning Mastery Michael Beckwith Little Humans Love or Above All Files 2018 M For Meditation Money EQ - Ken Honda Quest for personal mastery Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Super Brain The Longevity Blueprint The Mastery of Sleep The Silva UltraMind System Uncompromised Life Unlimited Abundance Yoga Quest Homepage: https://www.mindvalley.com/ Link Download
  4. Greg Davis - 50k A Day Crypto Method | 5.34 GB Details Saturday before last I was playing around with a free crypto tool. Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a crypto expert by any stretch of the imagination. But I am an expert at making money online, and there was one particular aspect of cryptocurrency trading that I noticed very few people were talking about. Of the hundreds of crypto videos I searched on Youtube I saw none that showed how to do this method. There were a couple that touched on various aspect but none that were doing exactly what I was trying to do. So I got this free tool, and I figured I'd test my method to see if I could make it work. I started with $3k. In less than an hour I burned through $1500 with zero return. I was frustrated, and I had some other stuff to do so I used my tool and I quickly dumped the remaining $1500 into one trade. I went to the barber with my son, ran a few errands and came back home. I totally forgot about the $1500 until I had been home for about an hour. Let me check to see what happened it probably went down the drain like the other $1500. When I pulled up my balance I couldn't believe what I saw. I refreshed the screen. I logged in and out. I still saw the same number. $49,900. My $1500 had turned into almost $50k in less than 4 hours. I was blown away. Looks like there was a little promise with my method. My first thought was I'm going to be Mr. $50k a day in crypto! If I can turn $1500 into $50k imagine what I can do with this $50k. I should at least have a quarter mil by Monday, right? So brimming with overconfidence and much ignorance I proceeded to blow through most of the 50k on Sunday. By midweek I had pretty much lost it all. WTF? What happened to my 50k a day crypto empire? Did I just get lucky on Saturday? I did a deep dive and reverse engineered exactly what happened so I could build a repeatable process. Even though it really sucked losing 50k, I needed that to refine the process and figure out what not to do. There are a lot of scams in crypto trading and I fell for them all. Most marketers would stop the story at making the 50k. Most marketers wouldn't tell you they got tricked out of thousands of dollars. But I'm not most marketers and I'm gonna keep it real. You're gonna get the good, the bad, and the ugly. Because if you choose to learn my method, me losing that money will mean that you won't. So after all that, I came up with a repeatable process that can produce big gains everyday. I also devealoped fast and easy ways to identify and avoid the multitude of scam tokens out there. For every 1 legit coin there are 95 scam ones. No exaggeration. It's that bad. And the scammers are very good and always adapting. So wading through all those and identifying the real opportunities is the biggest challenge with my method. Through the school of hard knocks I learned how to do this, and quickly. Now, I have it down into a system that works everyday, whether the market is up or down. Since my 50k loss debacle I've been trading smaller amounts so I haven't hit the 50k mark again yet, but the method has been working consistently. Anyone can do this. And you don't have to start with $1500 either. You can start with any amount. I met a guy doing something similar that turned $9 into 23k in a month's time. Would you like to learn my method and tools? I did a private training on June 15 which I recorded going through the entire method step-by-step. You'll see all the tools (which are free), and most importantly you'll learn how to quickly determine whether or not the deal is a scam. Tonight I will be doing a live update and new training. This isn't long term investing. This is quick cash. On a daily basis. I thought the 22X I got was luck - but those deals are out there everyday. Every single day. You just have to know how to find them and I'll show you exactly how. Why am I doing this? Unlike marketing, with this method the more the merrier. The more people that buy the more the prices go up, and that's what we want. Also, there is an advantage in working together as a group. I can't get inot too much detail but suffice it to say that a few people can move the markets in very profitable ways. So because of this, in addition to the live training we'll have a Telegram group where we can answer questions, share information and coordinate our attacks. The cost? $997 one time. I'm not going to oversell this - either you get the value of knowing how to 5 - 10X everyday or you don't. You can literally make the $997 back tomorrow evening after the training. I plan to hire some people and do this in a big way. This can be scaled the possibilities are endless. We're gonna talk about that too. There's nothing better than being able to generate money on demand. Especially when your costs are zero (besides the training). No traffic to buy. No software. No offers. No optimizing pages or ads. No fighting with Facebook. Just put money in and get more money out. Get the recording and the live training tonight, join the telegram group, and let's crush it together. Homepage: Screenshots Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
  5. Jay Abraham - Referral Mastery | 4.52 GB Referrals are the most profitable, undervalued source of business growth you could have. "Referral Mastery" refers to the science of commanding and controlling an unimaginable swath of powerhouse recommenders, endorsers, fans, champions, advocates AND business benefactors - both within as well as 'far and widely' outside your current business scope. (It's also the title of my new, completely unique and expansive home study program.) My "Referral Mastery" home study program will provide you with exact / precise / painstakingly-detailed instructions on how to implement, engineer, and sustain monster-successful referral generating systems. PLUS, I'll show you how to possibly double the profitability (and lifetime value) of every new client you generate from these methods. I'll share the psychology - as well as the cultural shifts - that both you and your team members need to implement in order - to own - your own multi- / omni-accessible referral-generating marketplace. I'll provide you with unbelievably-detailed instructions on how to adapt approximately 200+ all-new referral-generating strategies to apply to your precise, specific business situation. I'll walk you through exact: - Execution nuances - Sourcing instructions - Verbal scripts to follow - Role playing... We're talking about dozens-upon-dozens of low-cost, No-Cost, high-performing, proprietary, blockbuster referral-generating strategies NOBODY else even knows about. Nobody! We're talking about me explaining the psychology of becoming a referral dominant preeminent business from a vantage point - and with such precision - that no one else could come close to your referral power - IF you do what I have laid out in this course! We're talking about me explaining a methodology guaranteed to bring you bigger buyers, better buyers, more profitable buyers, no-cost buyers, more consistent buyers, more loyal buyers, more referring buyers - each-and-every month - from NOW on. Sooo... what am I offering? To start with: - FIRST SESSION, I dive into the psychology / mindset / communication and cultural shifts in thinking, focus and action that will transform you and your team into a masterful, referral-generating based enterprise. - SESSIONS TWO and THREE, you will receive access to six (6!) solid, non-stop hours of totally newfound, unshared strategies, complete with tactical approaches, examples, situational scenarios, role playing, and deep consequential discussion. - We're talking 200+ referral generating fresh new ideas and approaches that just one attendee alone gained, ideas that FEW (IF ANY!) OF YOUR COMPETITORS would think of doing. - Then, in SESSION FOUR, I put it all together and show you exactly / precisely - how to choose which application models to run with first and second (layering them criss-cross like the cross-woven Kevlar sheeting in bulletproof vests). Screenshots Homepage: Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
  6. John Carlton - Best Ads | 197 MB From: John Carlton To: You Howdy... For years now, people have been hounding me about a rumored collection of all my most infamous, notorious and (sometimes) legendary ads and direct mail letters. ... that includes detailed stories on how these beasts came to be written (revealing the often - shocking tales behind the hooks, headlines and strategy). . all supposedly stuffed into a single digital package. . for cheap. And I'm here to finally admit that it's all true. This collection exists, and all the stories revealing how each ad or letter was created are included. And. yes, it's so freakin' inexpensive, it's kind of embarrassing. I mean, people have spent massive time and money stalking many of these ads. and some of the manuscripts were once thought to be lost forever (because, over the decades, I often did not keep samples of the steady stream of ads I pumped out). This collection has been carefully edited and transferred to digital form. which makes everything super-easy to access. It won't take up nearly the massive space on your bookshelf as the original packages would, either. And while the ads are pure gold. they're even more valuable with the added insight and back-story I've provided on each one. Some of the stories behind the creation and execution of these pieces will give you an otherwise impossible-to-get window to the world of hyper-successful entrepreneurs, and how legendary copy gets created. You'll laugh, you'll be shocked and delighted, you'll be allowed behind the scenes of advertising tales involving Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, and a host of brilliant, semi-insane and ridiculously-successful entrepreneurs who are fearless about running outrageous ads (as long as they make money). My handle has, for many years, been "the most respected and ripped-off copywriter alive". and it's no idle boast. Marketers have desperately sought out my ads for decades, so they could both see what a great ad looks like. . and absorb some of the mojo for themselves. Headlines, hooks, verb choice, positioning paragraphs, killer closing pitches, brilliant teasers, bullets that kept people awake at night. . every ad is a Grad School course in salesmanship, persuasion and evil-good marketing strategy. I've had uber-successful biz owners shyly admit that their entire campaigns were based on studying my ads and copy, and applying what they learned to their own efforts. I've also known that MANY so-called "famous" ads bouncing around have been incorrectly attributed to me. while others I actually have penned are not. That's why this amazing collection is such a hot ticket. Not only are you assured that this towering pile of ads and letters was PERSONALLY collected by me. . but you get back-story introductions that could ONLY come from the original writer. Along with the absolute guarantee that each ad and letter are the REAL THING, in the form they were created and run in the real world. And yes, I reveal stuff (like results and embarrassing details) the clients probably would prefer I didn't share. . and maybe down the road this collection will be pulled off the market. (It's been impossible to find for years. and it's NEVER been in one digital format before.) So, yeah, you wanna jump on this. Here's what you need to do now: We really will pull this collection off the market if we feel we need to. So grab your package now, while it's available (and still dirt cheap). HOmepage: Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
  7. Aaron Jack & Jan Frey - Freelance Software Developer | 16.07 GB Front End development including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Web development. Requests, JSON, APIs, AJAX, DOM. How to set up Shopify stores -- a service worth $1,000 - $10,000+ Shopify development, Liquid, ThemeKit, Sections, and more To build OVER $1,000 of freelancing tasks taken from REAL sites How to create an impressive eCommerce developer portfolio How & where to find PAYING clients, even with no experience How to contract, onboard, communicate, and deliver services Homepage: Screenshots Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
  8. Full Environment Creation in UE5 & Blender In-Depth Course by FastTrack Tutorials | 27.9 GB Description Full Environment Creation in UE5 & Blender - In-Depth Course Learn how a professional environment artist works when creating environments for games. You'll learn techniques like Modular Modeling, Procedural Texturing, Unique Texturing, Level Art & Composition, shader Creation, Lighting, Character Animations and so much more. BLENDER, SUBSTANCE, AND UNREAL ENGINE 5 All the modeling will be done in Blender3d, However, the techniques used are universal and can be replicated in any other 3d modeling package. The materials will be created using Substance Designer and previewed in marmoset toolbag 4. The environment will be built in the brand-new Unreal Engine 5 and the lighting will use the new Lumen system. We will also use the new modeling tools within Unreal. Next to this, we will also use Substance Painter to create unique textures and generate masks. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to create the final results that you see in the images and trailers. Next to this, the same techniques can be applied to almost any type of environment. 31+ HOURS! This course contains over 31+ hours of content - You can follow along with every single step - The course does enclose a few small-time lapses, this is just to speed up very repetitive tasks, the rest is done in real-time. However, we have also included the time lapsed footage in real-time. We will start by going over our reference and then we dive right in and create a blockout of our level and set it up in UE5. Then we will first create all of our procedural materials and we will turn our blockout models into final models and also UV unwrap/texture them right away. Once that is done we will export all the artwork to Unreal engine 5 and setup our level. We will create advanced shaders to give us control over everything from vertex painting to dirt masks to parallax and next to this we will also create a basic landscape material. We will be using the new modeling tools within UE5 to speed up our workflow and minimize the modular pieces we need to make. Finally we will do our scene lighting using the new Lumen system and we will do the color grading in Davinci Resolve. Then to bring our scene to life I will show you how you can quickly generate character animations using Mixamo and I will even show you how to manually animate a horse in blender. SKILL LEVEL This game art tutorial is perfect for students who have some familiarity with a 3d Modeling tool like Blender, Substance Designer/Painter, and Unreal Engine - Everything in this tutorial will be explained in detail. However, if you have never touched any modeling or texturing tools before we recommend that you first watch an introduction tutorial of those programs (you can find many of these for free on YouTube or paid on this very website) TOOLS USED Blender3D Substance 3D Designer and Substance 3D Painter Unreal Engine 5 Marmoset Toolbag 4 Davinci Resolve Mixamo YOUR INSTRUCTOR Emiel Sleegers is a senior environment artist currently working in the AAA Game Industry. He's worked on games like The Division 2 + DLC at Ubisoft, Forza Horizon 3 at Playground Games, and as a Freelancer on multiple projects as an Environment Artist and Material Artist. CHAPTER SORTING There's a total of 80 videos split into easy-to-digest chapters. All the videos will have logical naming and are numbered to make it easy to find exactly the ones you want to follow. Screenshots Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
  9. A Complete Guide To Microsoft Office 365 Administration Created by Janets - Quality Education for All | Last updated 4/2021 Duration: 1h 49m | 32 sections | 51 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 464 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub Master Microsoft Office 365 Administration with this course and become more efficient and productive at the workplace. Understand the use of Office 365 Strengthen your knowledge on Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint Confidential use of the core Microsoft Office programs in the workplace Know how to maximize the productivity potential Achieve confidence and job satisfaction through practice Learn how to get more work done, from anywhere on any device This course requires no previous knowledge, but assumes that students will have access to a PC Course Details Take the first steps on a new life journey by signing up for A Complete Guide To Microsoft Office 365 Administration. Using Microsoft Office 365 Administration in this ever-changing world and sector can sometimes be a challenging or intimidating affair. Course Curriculum Highlights - However, you can learn how to master Microsoft Office 365 Administration simply by enrolling in our easy-to-take and interactive A Complete Guide To Microsoft Office 365 Administration. The contents will support your personal goals, and you can learn at a pace that suits your specific needs. Whether it is for personal interest or a business necessity, you deserve tuition from those best placed and qualified to give it to you. We have long-term experience with home education methods and are committed to providing quality training at a price that is right. Who should take this course? - People looking to develop skills and expertise in Office 365 - People aspiring for new jobs/promotion - Anyone looking to learn a new skill or acquire some knowledge - New IT students or existing IT professionals wanting to validate skills Course Overview Course Name:A Complete Guide To Microsoft Office 365 Administration Description: Master Microsoft Office 365 Administration and enhance your professional skill with our Office 365 Administration Course Skill Level: All Levels Platform: Udemy Author: Janets - Quality Education for All Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access Duration: 2.5 hours Language: English Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
  10. Ran Segall - Webflow Masterclass (Update 1) Ran Segall - Webflow Masterclass (Update 1) | 15.15 GB THE WEBFLOW MASTERCLASS How To Go FromPixel Perfect Design to Pixel Perfect Websitein hours - Not Weeks You don't need a developer, or to learn how to write code yourself. All you need to do is start using Webflow correctly, and you'll discover yourself earning more with less stress. What you will learn in the masterclass How to convert your Sketch / Adobe XD designs to fully functional responsive websites. How to create complex layouts & interactions. How to sell Webflow websites to your clients (and explain the benefits over WordPress). The EXACT steps I took to finish a website in 3 hours and make $1k per hour. How to handoff your websites to your clients in a way that makes them LOVE and THANK you. How to create multilingual websites. How to use any font you'd like on your website. How to add awesome effects to your website with custom JS code you find on the web. How to set up an amazing CMS (content management system) your clients would LOVE. How to manage SEO on your websites. Full video training "The Webflow masterclass: From design to live website in hours" (44 videos, and growing!) What you get in the package Everything necessary to allow you to build custom design websites independently & profitably Module 1 - Getting Started With Webflow How to get started, even if you have no experience with Webflow, HTML/CSS or designing for the web. Module 2 - Structuring & Styling Principles Learn the way I think about building and styling in Webflow to make my process super efficient (hint - it's not a standard BEM system) Module 3 - Process Examples See how I work step by step, with real client work examples. Module 4 - Content Management System - CMS How to work with Webflow's powerful CMS (and work around current limitations) Module 5 - Finalising & Delivering Websites Everything you need to do after the website is built to make sure your clients are happy, and the website is live. Module 6 - Selling Webflow to clients How to understand you client's concerns and explain the benefits of working with Webflow. Module 7 - Advanced Interactions How to create a WOW effect to your website, without a sweat: scroll effects, popups and more. Module 8 - Advanced Webflow Usecases How to extend Webflow beyond the normal use cases: adding code, prototyping products and building multi-language websites. HOmepage: https://www.thewebflowmasterclass.com// Screenshots Link Download
  11. David Barnett - Business Buyer Advantage | 7.29 GB How to find, analyze, make offers and finance your small business dream. You want to be in business. Somewhere in the back of your mind you hear a voice saying, 'This is risky, what if it doesn't work?' That's why millions of prudent entrepreneurs get into business each year by buying a successfully operating business rather than starting one. But where do you start? How do you know which business is right for you? How do you know what the process is? Business Buyer Advantage is a full day workshop that follows one example company through the entire process. Discovery, examination, offers, financing, due diligence, closing and deal structure. This is the online version of the Full Day seminar that I've been delivering to classes since 2009. Almost 100 classes over 10 years and I've gotten superior feedback from students after each one. This course has been recommended time and again from one student to another. It has always featured a money-back guarantee and only a handful of people have ever asked me for a refund. This is how certain I am of the quality of this material. If you've ever dreamed of owning a business but are afraid to start one because of the risk, this class can help open the door to buying a successful, established business that already produces a profit. What You Learn: - Why would you want to own a business - Buying vs. Starting a business - How to start looking for a business - Understanding buyer and seller motivations - Negotiation fundamentals and BATNA - The steps in the buying process - Finding GOOD businesses for sale - Using Intermediaries - The initial contact with the seller - Understanding business processes in the interview - The seller’s mindset - Examining the business - Businesses vs. Companies what are you buying? - What is a business? - Normalizing financial statements (recasting) - SDE vs. EBITDA cash flows - Identifying problems - SWOT analysis and small businesses - Simple forecasting - Determining the value of the business - Methods of business valuation - A sample case study - Financing methods - Proper deal structure - Qualities of vendor vs. Institutional debt - Making offers - Actual deal examples from my business brokerage practice - Understanding asset vs. share purchases - Building your team - Due diligence - Franchises - Understanding risks - Buying a business in a recessionary economy HOmepage: https://dbarnett.gumroad.com/l/czUIi Screenshots Link Download
  12. Tommy Griffith - The ClickMinded SEO Course | 6.97 GB GB SEO training to 10x your traffic from Google. ClickMinded is where 8,702 startups, agencies, entrepreneurs and students learn SEO. Here’s just a taste of what you’re getting in the course: Setting you up for success Discover the 14 tools I use to create the ideal environment setup to make your SEO life easier (and why every digital marketer should use this setup.) The ONE thing you need to do before implementing SEO or any other digital marketing so you can emotionally connect with your potential customers (plus, a step-by-step worksheet to help you do this.) What a sales funnel is and why you need one before doing SEO What you need to know about organic search A simple definition of how SEO fundamentally works, and more importantly, what SEO is NOT How to implement the ClickMinded Search Framework to ANY search engine (Google, Yelp, Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, etc) so you can optimize for any platform and start ranking your content How the idea of “query refinement” is one of the most important and underrated aspects of search engine optimization, and why just being on the first page of Google isn’t enough anymore (you’ll also learn the ideal search engine position you should aim for and why.) An in-depth explanation of the relationship between your sales funnel and searcher intent so you know which keywords belong in the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel (this and the ClickMinded Search Framework will help you decide what kind of content to create for your users) Understanding EXACTLY what users want and how to create a powerful DATA-DRIVEN strategy I’ll walk you step-by-step on how to do keyword research by doing it for a brand new website (you’ll be able to apply the same process to your own site or business and discover your best keywords target) Why you should use 3rd party tools instead of the Google Keyword Planner (and how to use my favorite keyword research tool) The 2 things that should drive your digital marketing strategy even (and why you shouldn’t trust your own idea of what you think your market wants OR what content you want to create.) The reason why you should do keyword research until you die! (Answer: Your competitors aren’t doing this, so where they suck you can be great and win the game by putting the work upfront) How to create a content plan based on your keyword research (and the simple math you can use to know which pages and content to create first based on the expected revenue to be generated.) How to create PERFECT resources that answer users’ questions and ranks in search engines What is the “Document Relevancy” problem and how to solve it for search engines (and get higher rankings) The most common misunderstanding when it comes to optimizing content (what does Google really rank? Pages or Domains?) The 8 on-page elements you need to optimize to SEO-proof all of your content (and the exact step-by-step process to get it done) How to use Latent Semantic Indexing and why it’s important with the introduction of Google’s RankBrain (you’ll learn how to take advantage of “thematically relevant” keywords to get higher rankings) Using your competitor’s highest-ranking pages to boost your own rankings (this is a completely white-hat, although controversial, tactic called “Link Neighborhoods.”) Why keeping your content “fresh” can give you a ranking boost (and how to take advantage of this to protect the ranking of your most valuable pages) Google’s #1 ranking signal and how to influence it How link building and authority works (you’ll learn exactly why George W. Bush was ranking for the term “miserable failure”) The change in Google’s algorithm that changed the nature of link building forever (this is why most cheap link building services you find in Fiverr or Upwork just don’t work.) My favorite process and SEO tools to find link prospects at scale (Plus, how to analyze the “link profile” of massive websites, how to use that data to copy their strategy, and outrank them) How to use a “CRM for link building” to run massive link-building outreach campaigns (I will take you through every step of the process of cleaning up the data, adding it to your outreach database, preparing an outreach template, and sending personalized emails that get links) Technical SEO for non-technical people The Google update that changed the game and left most SEOs blind (hint: this is why you’ll see a ton of organic traffic attributed to “not provided” in Google Analytics.) Google Search Console and how to squeeze as much data as possible from Google about your search traffic (Plus, how to spot and fix common errors that prevent search engines from finding and indexing your pages.) How to prepare for the mobile-first index (with modules about optimizing page speed, and the right and wrong ways to create a mobile-friendly site.) Dealing with “Keyword Cannibalization” when you have thousands of duplicate pages (if you’re dealing with ecommerce websites, you HAVE to do this right.) Why “structured data” is probably where the future of SEO lies (spoiler alert: this is critical for voice search.) How PayPal and Airbnb managed optimizing sites for hundreds of languages and countries (and the 3 ways you can solve this problem yourself.) How to create an SEO-friendly site from scratch (+ my favorite tools) Launching a new site from scratch for your company or a client? In this step-by-step walkthrough will make sure that your strategy is bulletproof from the get-go by literally watching me build a website from scratch (this includes using the “Mom test” for domains and making sure your website’s theme meets the basic SEO requirements.) Screenshots Link Download
  13. Morten Storgaard - Passive Income Geek | 8.26 Gb Let's build passive income sites together! Get my step-by-step process to full-time income with passive income websites! - Morten Storgaard What's In The Course? Finding lucrative niches Find killer domain names that are available All my topic research techniques Learn to write content that ranks Get links organically Clean SEO tips that works Fast and perfect site setup Proven monetization strategies Social media guidelines .and much more! HOmepage: Screenshots Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
  14. Morten Storgaard - Passive Income Geek | 8.26 Gb Let's build passive income sites together! Get my step-by-step process to full-time income with passive income websites! - Morten Storgaard What's In The Course? Finding lucrative niches Find killer domain names that are available All my topic research techniques Learn to write content that ranks Get links organically Clean SEO tips that works Fast and perfect site setup Proven monetization strategies Social media guidelines .and much more! HOmepage: Screenshots Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
  15. Tai Lopez - How To Invest Your Money | 4.88 Gb If you're not investing your money, you'll always be a slave to your income. My goal today is to help you use money to make money and in this video, I'm going to give you several proven strategies. These investing strategies are proven to work. They're the same strategies used by the richest and smartest people in the world. If you understand and use them right, they'll work for you, too. As you're watching this video, be sure to take notes. There are several investing lessons being shared that I've never shared anywhere else. Right now and for as long as this video is online, they're being shared with you for free. Some of the strategies you'll learn include: Real estate investing strategies that generate passive income Forex strategies that make money from buying and selling currencies Cryptocurrency strategies (like Bitcoin) that have brought some of the highest returns in history And 20 more! You do not need to have a lot of income to get started with any of these strategies. What You're Getting Access To Today: Full Access to the How To Invest Your Money Program 3 Months of Monthly Online Calls (100% LIVE) With Tai & Other Millionaires Monthly Action Plans That Help You Focus, Learn, And Take Action BONUS: Private Tribe Group Access (For Ongoing Q&A Between Calls) BONUS: 1-on-1 Strategy Consultation Call With a Member of Tai's Team BONUS: Access To The Full Entrepreneur Starter Kit Program These bonus classes, valued at $97 each, include: How To Build A Business With The Youngest Founder Of A Publicly Traded Company, Dan Fleyshman How To Negotiate To Gain Competitive Advantage with former head of the FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss How To Be A Business Networker With Celebrity Journalist James Swanwick How To Start A T-Shirt Print On Demand Business How To Start A Social Media Agency with Jaiden Gross How To Build An App From Scratch How To Scale And Get Customers To Buy Your Product How To Build A Successful Dropshipping Business How To Build Your Brand Story Screenshots Link Download Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !


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