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  1. How to Create Your Reality With Spirit Beings of High Light Last Update: 10/2021 Duration: 1h 20m | Video: .MP4, 1280x720 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 44.1 kHz, 2ch | Size: 1.66 GB Genre: eLearning | Language: English Create a reality by your design with the help of Spirit Beings of High Light What you'll learn: Learn how to connect with Spirit Beings of High Light and Love who are here to help us manifest our desires. Be guided through your creation process step-by-step, giving you the spiritual tools and technology that work best for each individual Opening heart technique creates an environment where good things naturally flow toward us effortlessly because we are aligned with our true purpose on Earth Learn how to create your desires from the spiritual realm into the physical Requirements: No technical requirements Description: We are living in a time of vast transformation. The Universe is constantly presenting us with opportunities to create our desired reality. It's just a matter of whether or not we're ready and willing, as humans on Earth who have chosen the spiritual path AND know how contact these higher beings from outer space called "Spirit Beings Of High Light." Imagine being able to create anything in life...to live a life filled with joy, abundance, love and happiness every single day. That's what it means when we say "create your reality." It doesn't mean controlling everything or forcing things into existence; instead it means creating an environment where good things naturally flow toward us effortlessly because we are aligned with our true purpose on Earth - which is why these beings exist in the first place! They know how important it is for us humans to feel fulfilled by our lives while also having fun doing what we love most. And if there's one thing they know about human nature (and there's plenty), it's that humans always seek out ways to make their lives easier and more enjoyable whenever possible! So let them do just that by using their special abilities as advanced spiritual technologies...they're here specifically for YOU! Who this course is for: Beginners and Advanced Light Workers and seekers of their spiritual path
  2. How I Escaped Political Correctness And You Can Too English | ISBN: 1941959113 | 2018 | 211 pages | EPUB | 4 MB You care about the greater good, but you want to define it for yourself. What if you disagree with the politically correct view? You fear ridicule, shunning and attack, so you tell yourself it's not worth it and find a way to conform. Until one day you can't. I was politically correct until the day I heard myself lie about a simple fact because the truth didn't sound progressive. I froze- in the middle of a lecture to 150 students. Enough! I decided to take back my brain. I gave myself permission to see what I see and know what I know instead of living in fear. It cost me, but the benefits outweighed the costs. Here is the story of my transition. You can do it too. This book shows you how: biology drives political correctness you can enjoy the rewards of political correctness without it you can feel good when conformity surrounds you What do I mean by Political Correctness? I do not mean the hot-button dramas that fill the headlines. They are just tribal solidarity rituals. I mean the belief that we are suffering under a "bad system." Political correctness trains you to feel victimized by bad guys running the bad system, and to fight them by following the leaders of political correctness. If you follow, you get to be one of the good guys and share in the rewards that these leaders control. If you don't follow, you are labelled a bad guy and excommunicated. This message is so pervasive that we take it for granted. I only questioned it after decades of noticing a gap between the facts of my life and the politically correct dogma. I saw that the good guys are not all good and the bad guys are not all bad. I tried to overlook the inconvenient facts because I feared excommunication. But when I had kids, I saw how harmful it is for children to be taught that they're powerless victims. I did not want my kids to blame their frustrations on bad guys and "the system." I wanted them to believe in themselves instead of just following the lead of political correctness. It's hard to leave the world view that has shaped your life. I searched for alternatives, but after all I'd been through, I could not embrace another preconceived belief system. I looked for answers that fit reality as I'd lived it. My search led to amazing research on the social behavior of animals. This showed me that political correctness is biological. The brain chemicals that make us feel good are inherited from earlier mammals. They reward us for behaviors that promote survival in the state of nature. Political correctness stimulates your reward chemicals in primal ways. I'm not saying we're hard-wired. On the contrary, our neurons are not connected at birth. We connect them from life experience, and these connections make us who we are. Early experience wires you to expect rewards and pain in ways that happened before. Political correctness wires you to expect rewards and pain in specific ways. It's hard to re-wire yourself after the neuroplasticity of youth, which is why people cling to political correctness even when they see its flaws. I finally ripped off the PC goggles and looked at the world without them. You can say I haven't escaped political correctness because it's still there. But I have stopped filtering reality through the lens built by the gatekeepers of political correctness. I have learned to focus on the pleasure of my own choices instead of on solidarity with suffering. You can rip off the PC goggles and enjoy your own choices too. You'll be glad you did!
  3. ELSA 6.0 AUDI - 03.2017 | 7.82 GB Information base (manual) for the repair of vehicles of the concern VW AG. It contains descriptions of the technology of repair and maintenance of the car, electrical circuits, bodywork, time norms for work performed, etc.This program is not designed to work with diagnostic adapters. A more detailed description can be found in the accompanying documentation (ElsaWin_Application.pdf) Extras. Information: This distribution contains all necessary components for installation: 4.0 setup, 4.10 update, 5.0 update, 5.1 update, 5.2 update, 5.3 update, 6.0 update, AUDI base 03.2017, serial numbers, key generator and installation instructions. All components are in an easy to install and do not require additional programs. Installation order In the distribution there is a set of installation files for installing ElsaWin 4.0 and all its subsequent updates to version 6.0 (directories with numbering from 1 to 7). Also in the distribution is added the full version of the installer ElsaWin 6.0 (catalog number 8). The main requirement before starting the installation of ElsaWin version 4.0 is the presence of Adobe Reader installed in the system. The minimum version is 5 or newer. The order of installation is simple: 1. Install setup 4.0 and, if desired, all subsequent updates to 6.0 (optional), or install immediately setup 6.0. 2. Install the database. IMPORTANT! The AUDI base 03.2017 is compatible with the versions ElsaWin 4.x - 6.x. The database compatibility control files for versions 4.x - 5.x (control # XX.xml) were created manually, and were not present in the original set of installation files. Also, you need to install SVGView.exe - it is needed to display the wiring diagrams. Login name / password: admin / admin Detailed instructions for installing ElsaWin 4.0 and 4.1 from say2108 - in the Documentacia directory Year / Release Date: 2017 Version: 03 System requirements: Windows NT4.0 / 2000 / Xp Pro / 2003/7/2008 Support for 64-bit systems: Present Language: Multilingual (Russian is present) Tabletka: Present
  4. Windows 10 21H1 16in1 en-US x64 Integral Edition 2021.10.14 x64 | Language: English | File Size: 4.8 GB Windows 10, version 21H1 is a scoped set of features for select performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements. As an H1-targeted release, 21H1 is serviced for 18 months from the release date for devices running Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Education editions. (#) Windows 10 Updates: * All the Windows 10 21H1 x64 Updates are included until 12.10(October).2021: 1. KB890830 - Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, version 5.94.18626.1. 2. KB2267602 - Security intelligence updates for Windows Defender Antivirus, version 1.351.230.0. 3. KB4052623 - Update for Windows Defender Antivirus antimalware platform, version 4.18.2109.6. 4. KB4589212-v2 - Intel microcode updates for Windows 10, version 21H1. 5. KB5000736 - Featured update to Windows 10, version 21H1 by using an enablement package (19043.844). 6. KB5001679 - Asset update for Windows 10, version 21H1 Mixed Reality. 7. KB5005539 - Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10, version 21H1. 8. KB5005645 - Safe OS Dynamic Update for Windows 10, version 21H1. 9. KB5005714 - Setup Dynamic Update for Windows 10, version 21H1. 10. KB5006670 - Cumulative Update for Windows 10, version 21H1 (OS build 19043.1288). (#) Windows 10 Runtime Libraries: * Visual C++ Redistributable 2002 v7.0.9975.0 x86. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2003 v7.10.6119.0 x86. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2005 SP1 v8.0.50727.6229 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 SP1 v9.0.30729.7523 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 SP1 v10.40219.473 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 Update 5 v11.0.61135.400 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 Update 5 v12.0.40664.0 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022 v14.30.30704.0 x86/x64. * Visual Basic Runtime v1.00 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v2.0.9.8 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v3.0.5.38 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v4.0.29.24 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v5.2.82.44 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v6.1.98.39 x86 (SP6 Update KB2911777, KB2992332). (#) Pre-Configured Windows 10 Settings: * .NET Framework 3.5 = Installed. * OneDrive Auto Install = Disabled. * Telemetry = Disabled. * Web Proxy Auto-Discovery = Disabled. * Show Hidden Items = On. * Show all File Extensions = On. * Task Manager View = Detailed. * File Progress Dialog = Detailed. * Combine Taskbar Buttons = Never. * Windows Theme Color = Storm. * Windows Theme Accent Color = On. * Default Browser = Firefox. * Default Media Player = PotPlayer. * Default File Archiver = 7-Zip. (#) Additional Applications: * Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus x64 (Online Installer v2.2.0). * 7-Zip v21.03 beta x64 (With a few Pre-Configured Settings). * Mozilla Firefox v93.0.0 x64 (With a few Pre-Configured Settings). * PotPlayer v1.7.21555.0 x64 (With a few Pre-Configured Settings). * ImDisk Toolkit v2021.1.25 x64. * OpenHashTab v3.0.1 x86/x64 - Setup System. * madVR v0.92.17 x86/x64 (Best DirectShow video renderer). [---------- INFORMATIONS ----------] * Includes 16 Windows 10 x64 Editions ("Enterprise" has the most Features): Windows 10 Home Single Language Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Home N Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Pro N Windows 10 Pro Education Windows 10 Pro Education N Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Windows 10 Pro for Workstations N Windows 10 Education Windows 10 Education N Windows 10 Enterprise Windows 10 Enterprise N Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Windows 10 Team * Added the latest Windows 10 21H1 x64 Updates from 15.9(September).2021 till 12.10(October).2021: KB5005539 (Replaces KB5004331) | KB5005645 (Replaces KB5000983) | KKB5005714 (Replaces KB5004313) | KB5006670 (Replaces KB5005565). * Updated Security intelligence updates for Windows Defender Antivirus (KB2267602) x64 from "v1.349.866.0" to "v1.351.230.0". * Updated Windows Defender Antivirus antimalware platform (KB4052623) x64 from "v4.18.2108.7" to "v4.18.2109.6". * Updated Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) x64 from "v5.93.18534.1" to "v5.94.18626.1". * Updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable x86/x64 from "v14.30.30528.0" to "v14.30.30704.0". * Updated Mozilla Firefox x64 from "v92.0.0" to "v93.0.0". * Updated PotPlayer x64 from "v1.7.21523.0" to "v1.7.21555.0". https://www.microsoft.com/
  5. Race: A Philosophical Introduction Ed 2 English | ISBN: 0745649661 | 2013 | 240 pages | PDF | 2 MB In Race: A Philosophical Introduction, Second Edition , Paul C. Taylor provides an accessible guide to a well-travelled but still-mysterious area of the contemporary social landscape. As in the first edition, the book blends metaphysics and social philosophy, analytic philosophy and pragmatic philosophy of experience. In this thoroughly updated and revised volume, Taylor outlines the main features and implications of race-thinking, while engaging the ideas of such important figures as Linda Alcoff, K. Anthony Appiah, W. E. B. Du Bois, Michel Foucault, Sally Haslanger, and Howard Winant. The result is a comprehensive but accessible introduction to philosophical race theory and to a non-biological and situational notion of race. The book unfolds in a sequence of five chapters, each devoted to one of the following questions: What is race-thinking? Don't we know better than to talk about race now? Are there any races? What is it like to have a racial identity? And how important, ethically, is colorblindness? On the way to answering these questions, Race takes up topics like mixed-race identity, white supremacy, the relationship between the race concept and other social identity categories and the impact of race-thinking on our erotic and romantic lives. The second edition's new concluding chapter explores the racially fraught issues of policing, immigration, and global justice, and interrogates the thought that Barack Obama has ushered in a post-racial age. This volume is suitable for the educated general reader as well as for students and scholars in ethnic studies, philosophy, sociology, and other related fields.
  6. Creating an Advanced Cinematic Character - Vagrant Knight | 11.13 GB This is a high quality course on cinematic character designing and making, which includes model concept design, texture mapping, material selections, hair making, rendering and etc. You will learn how to create a CG cinematic character with multiple 3D software. In the end of this tutorial, your skills will be improved to next level. In this tutorial, we will focus on techniques for hair creating, texturing for skin, metal and leather materials. We will provide you with the related project for you to learn easier. Software: Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Mari, XGen, V-Ray, Arnold Chapter 1 - Overview Chapter 2 - Preparation and Base Mesh Chapter 3 - Making and Refining High Poly Mesh Chapter 4 - Mapping and Texturing Chapter 5 - Creating Hair and Fur in Xgen Chapter 6 - Render Integration Chapter 7 - Rendering in Arnold https://www.wingfox.com/c/7044
  7. Schoolism - Introduction to Blender 2.9 (Low Quality) | 3.81 GB Modeling, painting, animation, simulation, rendering...is there anything you CAN'T do in Blender? The possibilities are seemingly endless, and 3D tools like Blender have made visual storytelling even more attainable for artists, while also giving artists the tools they need to be able to create the high-level 3D art that creative industries seek today. In this course, 3D generalist, lead environment artist, and matte painter, Sonja Christoph, will teach you all the tools and techniques you need to get started in creating your own 3D art in Blender! Sonja will share her extensive knowledge of Blender from her experience in the film and game industries to show you, step-by-step, how to use the software and all of the game-changing features it offers. From basic modeling principles and tools, to creating textures and materials, to lighting, animation & effects, and even sculpting & painting, Sonja will teach you how to harness the power of Blender to create eye-catching 3D work of your own. Oh, and did we mention that by Lesson 9, you'll be using everything you've learned to complete your final assignment: building your own SPACE STATION?! That's right! By the end of the course, you'll have created and modeled an entire space station that is fully rendered, detailed, and animated in Blender. So if you're ready to join Sonja in creating art that's truly out of this world, check out this course today! https://www.schoolism.com/zbrush-sculpting-courses/introduction-to-blender-sonja-christoph
  8. ZAM&DID - Queen & Freddie Mercury 1.0 | 4.25 GB Missing CD2 EP remastering of the eleventh year, Queen Air (trimmed) and Fedi albums. PC Application. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. PDF - Booklets. FLAC 16BIT / 44.100HZ STEREO. Extra. Information: Albums: 1969. Smile-Gettin Smile (1982) 2011. Queen CD2 EP 1-3 2011. Queen CD2 EP 4-6 2011. Queen CD2 EP 7-9 2011. Queen CD2 EP 10-12 2011. Queen CD2 EP 13-15 2016. Queen - On Air (Cut) 2019. Freddie Mercury - Never Boring (Special Edition) 2019. Freddie Mercury - 1985. Mr. Bad Guy (Special Edition) 2019. Freddie Mercury - 1988. Barcelona (Special Edition) Bonus. Year of release: 2020 Publisher: 3a Soft Developer: ZAM & DID Version: 2.0 Interface language: English Tabletka: Not required Compatibility / Platform: Windows 7 (x32 / x64)
  9. Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide 2021 Edition (Update 09/2021) MP4 | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080 | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz | Duration: 42h 25m | File Size: 22.07 GB Genre: eLearning | Language: English A Complete Guide to the Flutter SDK & Flutter Framework for building native iOS and Android apps Join the most comprehensive & bestselling Flutter course and learn how to build amazing iOS and Android apps! You don't need to learn Android/ Java and iOS/ Swift to build real native mobile apps! Flutter - a framework developed by Google - allows you to learn one language (Dart) and build beautiful native mobile apps in no time. Flutter is a SDK providing the tooling to compile Dart code into native code and it also gives you a rich set of pre-built and pre-styled UI elements (so called widgets) which you can use to compose your user interfaces. Flutter is extremely trending and gets used for major Google apps like their Adwords app - it's now marked as "ready for production", hence now is the time to jump in and learn it! This course will teach Flutter & Dart from scratch, NO prior knowledge of either of the two is required! And you certainly don't need any Android or iOS development experience since the whole idea behind Flutter is to only learn one language. You'll learn Flutter not only in theory but we'll build a complete, realistic app throughout this course. This app will feature both all the core basics as well as advanced features like using Google Maps, the device camera, adding animations and more! With Flutter, you'll be able to write code only once and ship your apps both to the Apple AppStore and Google Play. Use Google's Material Design to build beautiful, yet fully customizable, apps in no time with almost zero effort. You can use the rich widget suite Flutter provides to add common UI elements like buttons, switches, forms, toolbars, lists and more - or you simply build your own widgets - Flutter makes that a breeze, too. ├───01 Introduction ├───02 Flutter Basics [QUIZ APP] ├───03 Running Apps on Different Devices & Debugging Apps ├───04 Widgets, Styling, Adding Logic - Building a Real App [PERSONAL EXPENSES APP] ├───05 Responsive & Adaptive User Interfaces and Apps ├───06 Widget & Flutter Internals - Deep Dive ├───07 Navigation & Multiple Screens [MEALS APP] ├───08 State Management [SHOP APP] ├───09 Working with User Input & Forms [SHOP APP] ├───10 Sending Http Requests [SHOP APP] ├───11 Adding User Authentication [SHOP APP] ├───12 Adding Animations [SHOP APP] ├───13 Using Native Device Features (Camera, Maps, Location, ...) [GREAT PLACES APP] ├───14 Firebase, Image Upload, Push Notifications - Building a Chat App ├───15 Running Native Swift, ObjectiveC, Java or Kotlin Code ├───16 Publishing to the App Stores ├───17 Roundup & Next Steps ├───18 Flutter 2 Update └───19 Roundup https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-flutter-dart-to-build-ios-android-apps/
  10. Last Stand: Ted Turner's Quest To Save a Troubled Planet English | ISBN: 0762784431 | 2013 | 392 pages | AZW3 | 2 MB Entrepreneur and media mogul Ted Turner has commanded global attention for his dramatic personality, his founding of CNN, his marriage to Jane Fonda, and his company's merger with Time Warner. But his green resume has gone largely ignored, even while his role as a pioneering eco-capitalist means more to Turner than any other aspect of his legacy. He currently owns more than two million acres of private land (more than any other individual in America), and his bison herd exceeds 50,000 head, the largest in history. He donated $1 billion to help save the UN, and has recorded dozens of other firsts with regard to wildlife conservation, fighting nukes, and assisting the poor. He calls global warming the most dire threat facing humanity, and says that the tycoons of the future will be minted in the development of green, alternative renewable energy. Last Stand goes behind the scenes into Turner's private life, exploring the man's accomplishments and his motivations, showing the world a fascinating and flawed, fully three-dimensional character. From barnstorming the country with T. Boone Pickens on behalf of green energy to a pivotal night when he considered suicide, Turner is not the man the public believes him to be. Through Turner's eyes, the reader is asked to consider another way of thinking about the environment, our obligations to help others in need, and the grave challenges threatening the survival of civilization.
  11. Italian Mobilities English | ISBN: 1138778141 | 2015 | 220 pages | PDF | 7 MB The Italian nation-state has been defined by practices of mobility. Tourists have flowed in from the era of the Grand Tour to the present, and Italians flowed out in massive numbers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Italians made up the largest voluntary emigration in recorded world history. As a bridge from Africa to Europe, Italy has more recently been a destination of choice for immigrants whose tragic stories of shipwreck and confinement are often in the news. This first-of-its-kind edited volume offers a critical accounting of those histories and practices, shedding new light on modern Italy as a flashpoint for mobilities as they relate to nationalism, imperialism, globalization, and consumer, leisure, and labor practices. The book's eight essays reveal how a country often appreciated for what seems immutable - its classical and Renaissance patrimony - has in fact been shaped by movement and transit.
  12. Making Better Policies for Food Systems English | ISBN: 9264906193 | 2021 | 280 pages | PDF | 4 MB Food systems around the world face a triple challenge: providing food security and nutrition for a growing global population; supporting livelihoods for those working along the food supply chain; and contributing to environmental sustainability. Better policies hold tremendous promise for making progress in these domains. This report focuses on three questions. What has been the performance of food systems to date, and what role did policies play? How can policy makers design coherent policies across the triple challenge? And how can policy makers deal with frictions related to facts, interests, and values, which often complicate the task of achieving better policies? Better policies will require breaking down silos between agriculture, health, and environmental policies, and overcoming knowledge gaps, resistance from interest groups, and differing values. Robust, inclusive, evidence-based processes are thus essential to making better policies for food systems.
  13. Free Expression and Democracy: A Comparative Analysis English | ISBN: 1107171970 | 2017 | 386 pages | PDF | 2 MB Free Expression and Democracy takes on the assumption that limits on free expression will lead to authoritarianism or at least a weakening of democracy. That hypothesis is tested by an examination of issues involving expression and their treatment in countries included on The Economist's list of fully functioning democracies. Generally speaking, other countries allow prohibitions on hate speech, limits on third-party spending on elections, and the protection of children from media influences seen as harmful. Many ban Holocaust denial and the desecration of national symbols. Yet, these other countries all remain democratic, and most of those considered rank more highly than the United States on the democracy index. This book argues that while there may be other cultural values that call for more expansive protection of expression, that protection need not reach the level present in the United States in order to protect the democratic nature of a country.
  14. Command-Line Rust English | 2021 | ISBN: 9781098109424 | 350 pages | EPUB | 2 MB For several consecutive years, Rust has been voted "most loved programming language" in Stack Overflow's annual developer survey. This open source systems programming language is now used for everything from game engines and operating systems to browser components and virtual reality simulation engines. But Rust is also an incredibly complex language with a notoriously difficult learning curve. Rather than focus on the language as a whole, this guide teaches Rust using a single small, complete, focused program in each chapter. Author Ken Youens-Clark shows you how to start, write, and test each of these programs to create a finished product. You'll learn how to handle errors in Rust, read and write files, and use regular expressions, Rust types, structs, and more. Discover how to: Use Rust's standard libraries and data types such as strings, vectors, dictionaries, and sets to create systems programs Write and test Rust programs and functions Read and write files, including stdin, stdout, and stderr Document and validate command-line arguments Write programs that fail gracefully Parse raw and delimited text as well as Excel data Use and control randomness
  15. Learning Modern Linux English | 2021 | ISBN: 9781098108939 | 97 pages | EPUB | 4 MB Whether you're new to Linux or have some experience, this practical book shows you how to master various tasks with this operating system--not just system administration. Cloud native professionals including developers, architects, DevOps practitioners, and site reliability engineers will learn how to use and program Linux in different modern environments, from embedded systems such as the Raspberry Pi to the virtual machine of your cloud provider of choice. Along the way, you'll gain hands-on experience with modern terminals, shells, and commands, use Linux networking, and learn how to manage your workloads, all with the goal of implementing modern Linux observability. You'll also understand how to run Linux applications in modern ways by using containers, systemd, modern filesystems, and immutable distros such as Flatcar and Bottlerocket. With this book, you will: Use Linux as a modern programming environment, not just as an admin tool Learn critical components such as the kernel, terminal multiplexer, human-friendly shells, and portable scripting Become familiar with access control, from file permissions to capabilities Understand the role of filesystems as a fundamental building block in Linux Gain hands-on experience with the Linux networking stack and tooling Learn how to apply modern operating system observability to manage your workloads Share data using SSH, rsync, and cloud sync mechanisms


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