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  1. Anatomy of the Human Body Course MP4 | ENG | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080 | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz | Duration: 51 h 44m | Size File: 63.7 GB Genre: eLearning In the Figure Drawing course you learned a lot of core concepts of drawing the figure, but your training isn't complete if you want to take your drawings from looking good to looking like masterpieces. Without an understanding of anatomy, your drawings will always feel like there's something wrong. They won't have that level of detail that you'll see in a pro's work. I'm so freakin' excited about how awesome this course is going to be. After this course you won't need to guess what all those bumps are. I'll teach you all the anatomy you need to draw the forms accurately and make them look like real people! https://www.proko.com/human-anatomy-for-artists/#features
  2. Professional Sniper FX | 2.43 GB Professional Sniper FX Forex Trading Video Course Vol 1, Vol 2, Indicators. https://www.facebook.com/Professional-Sniper-FX-100949918387966/
  4. Understanding The Principles of Poster Design | 1.8 GB Understanding The Principles of Poster Design is an empirical guide to contemporary commercial poster design as well as its ingredients. From storytelling elements, through title treatment design, and technical requirements, to data-influenced design decisions for effective design to convey stories and deliver specific messages to desired audiences. What is a poster? More importantly: What is the role of a poster? Sit back and relax while learning the complete life cycle of a successful poster - as mastered by a designer and art director with more than two decades of experience crafting campaigns for entertainment clients. Layer by layer, Tomasz walks through published poster examples and highlights the important cues and techniques that all designers should take note of. If you've ever found yourself wondering how Hollywood's biggest studios approach poster design, this workshop is for you. Tomasz discusses how to design from within a team, how to overcome challenges, and explains what typical commercial campaigns look like in the real world. This workshop is for graphic designers, visual storytellers, and those that appreciate the art of great design.
  5. CorelCAD 2021.0 Build Multilingual Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 474.41 MB | 518.41 MB The professional, affordable, and simplified CAD software. Achieve outstanding results with CorelCAD™ 2021, an affordable collection of powerful 2D drafting and 3D design tools, purpose-built for architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and manufacturing professionals who demand precision. Turn visualization into realization on Windows and macOS, thanks to native .DWG file support for efficient collaboration and .STL support for productive 3D publishing. CAD software - Professional 2D drafting and 3D design program - Industry-standard file compatibility with .DWG, .STL, .PDF, and .CDR* - Time-saving collaboration and project sharing - Optional automation and customization Conceptualize quickly Unleash CorelCAD, a powerful collection of design tools developed expressly for manufacturing, construction, and engineering professionals. Conceptualize, plan, draft, lay out, and edit with the assistance of a leading CAD software. With an expansive feature set, your 2D drawings will come together expertly. Transform with ease Equip yourself with advanced tools and features in this CAD program to transform 2D drawings into 3D models with a few clicks. Complete projects quickly with CorelCAD; consistently delivering to specifications and project parameters. Output with accuracy Elevate your work with a powerful 3D design software for text, graphics, and tactile outputs. CorelCAD's full feature set manages nearly any technical design task, making collaboration with colleagues or stakeholders a breeze. 3D printing is simple with .STL support for 3D printers or output connection. Execute efficiently Confidently deliver detailed projects on time and with precision using CorelCAD. The latest AutoCAD, full native, .DWG file format support allows designers to collaborate seamlessly. CAD software aligns with any working environment, leveraging incredible customization and automation support options for a rich user experience. What's New in CorelCAD 2021? Drawing Compare Palette Compare two files with highlighted colors to track changes, show multiple options within a project, and define before and after points within your workflow. Enhanced Pattern Command Duplicate objects and patterns along a path in the same perspective with new associativity in the Pattern command, now you can replicate objects and patterns along a linear or circular path. Convert Dynamic Blocks to Custom Blocks Save changes to dynamic block definitions by converting them to custom blocks, providing more control and editing abilities in your files. Redesigned Print Dialog* Enjoy a streamlined printing process bringing multiple options to one location, providing additional display options and more control. Enhanced PDF Output Adjust the file size and image quality to fit your needs, with the enhanced ability to set the quality of raster and vector images when exporting your work to PDFs. Release Notes New in CorelCAD 2021: Note: Release 2021 can read and write DWG files up to the latest version of this format (R2018). The same applies to DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) files, which store unencrypted drawing database contents. Edit Spline. Modifies the parameters and properties of Splines or converts spline-fit Polylines to Splines. CBConvert. Converts dynamic blocks from a DWG file into CustomBlocks. DrawingCompare. Displays the Drawing Compare palette which lets you visually compare two drawings and identify changes that occurred from one version of the drawing to another. HideDrawingCompare hides the palette. Drawing History. Displays the Version Manager palette. Lets you compare the current drawing with previously saved versions maintained by a supported Cloud Storage. HideDrawingHistory hides the palette. BIMSection. Creates section, elevation, and plan drawings from a BIM model. BIM Annotation. Annotates BIM elements in BIM drawings to provide detail information. BIM Edit Annotation. Lets you edit annotations that you created for BIM elements in a BIM drawing. BIM Material Mapper. Displays the Material Mapper palette which lets you map BIM material names to the material available in the BIM Drawings Materials Styles Library. Drawing Sheet Sets The Sheet Set Manager palette groups the functionalities for creating, organizing, and managing drawing sheets within a drawing sheet set. Model Background Color. Lets you specify the background color for the graphics area. ToggleXPStyle. Controls the appearance of Windows dialog boxes, such as Open and Save. Import STLasMesh command. Imports stereolithography files (STL) and inserts the contained geometry as subdivision mesh objects (SubDMeshes) into the drawing. AppCast command. Displays notifications about Service Packs and Updates for the application in a dialog box. New Features: Associative Patterns. Entities within associative patterns retain their relationships. Associative patterns let you edit them in their entirety instead of changing the individual items in the pattern. The Pattern command has been extended to allow you to create associative linear, circular, and path patterns. The new Edit Pattern command lets you modify the shape and appearance of associative patterns. You can also edit associative patterns using specific EntityGrips and the Properties palette. Checking spelling as you type. Lets you check the spelling of text entities as you type, both for SimpleNotes and for Notes. Modified Features and Commands: Spline command enhancements. Splines can be defined either with fit points, or with control vertices. Accordingly, you can apply two corresponding methods. The implementation of the Control Vertices method lets specify control points, not fit points through which the Spline passes. New options of the Spline command include: Fit points method, Knots option. Determines the method used to fuse the curves between consecutive fit points within a Spline. Control vertices method, Degree option. Specifies the degree for subsequent Spline constructions. You can create Splines of degree 1 (linear), degree 2 (quadratic), degree 3 (cubic), and so on up to degree 10. Print dialog box redesigned. Additional options available on the main dialog box instead of a subdialog. System Requirements: - Microsoft Windows 10* or 8.1, in 32-bit or 64-bit, all with latest Updates - Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD® Athlon™ x2 Dual-Core processor - 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended) - 1.5 GB available hard disk space - 3D Graphics accelerator card with OpenGL version 1.4 (OpenGL version 3.2 or better recommended) - 1280 x 768 screen resolution (1920 x 1080 (Full HD) recommended) - Mouse or tablet
  6. Windows 10 20H2 10.0.19042.928 AIO 15in1 (x64) Multilingual April 2021 64-Bit | Language: Multilanguage | Size File: 7.58 GB [---------- INCLUDES ----------] Windows 10 Updates: * All the Windows 10 20H2 x64 Updates are included until 13.4(April).2021: 1. KB890830 - Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, version 5.88.18031.1. 2. KB2267602 - Security intelligence updates for Windows Defender Antivirus, version 1.335.723.0. 3. KB4052623 - Update for Windows Defender Antivirus antimalware platform, version 4.18.2103.7. 4. KB4562830 - Feature Update through Windows 10, version 20H2 Enablement Package (19041.681). 5. KB4577586 - Update for the removal of Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10, version 20H2. 6. KB4578910 - Asset update for Windows 10, version 20H2 Mixed Reality. 7. KB4589212-v2 - Intel microcode updates for Windows 10, version 20H2. 8. KB4601554 - Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10, version 20H2. 9. KB5000862 - Setup Dynamic Update for Windows 10, version 20H2. 10. KB5000983 - Safe OS Dynamic Update for Windows 10, version 20H2. 11. KB5001330 - Cumulative Update for Windows 10, version 20H2 (OS build 19042.928). Windows 10 Runtime Libraries: * Visual C++ Redistributable 2002 v7.0.9975.0 x86. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2003 v7.10.6119.0 x86. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2005 SP1 v8.0.50727.6229 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 SP1 v9.0.30729.7523 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 SP1 v10.40219.473 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 Update 5 v11.0.61135.400 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 Update 5 v12.0.40664.0 x86/x64. * Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2019 v14.29.30031.0 x86/x64. * Visual Basic Runtime v1.00 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v2.0.9.8 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v3.0.5.38 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v4.0.29.24 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v5.2.82.44 x86. * Visual Basic Runtime v6.1.98.39 x86 (SP6 Update KB2911777, KB2992332). Pre-Configured Windows 10 Settings: * .NET Framework 3.5 = Installed. * OneDrive Auto Install = Disabled. * Telemetry = Disabled. * Web Proxy Auto-Discovery = Disabled. * Show Hidden Items = On. * Show all File Extensions = On. * Task Manager View = Detailed. * File Progress Dialog = Detailed. * Combine Taskbar Buttons = Never. * Windows Theme Color = Storm. * Windows Theme Accent Color = On. * Default Browser = Firefox. * Default Media Player = PotPlayer. * Default File Archiver = 7-Zip. Additional Applications: * Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus x64 (Online Installer v2.0.8). * 7-Zip v19.00 x64 (With a few Pre-Configured Settings). * Mozilla Firefox v87.0.0 x64 (With a few Pre-Configured Settings). * PotPlayer v1.7.21472.0 x64 (With a few Pre-Configured Settings). * ImDisk Toolkit v2021.1.25 x64. * OpenHashTab v3.0.1 x86-x64 - Setup System. [---------- INFORMATIONS ----------] * Includes 15 Windows 10 x64 Editions ("Enterprise" has the most Features): Windows 10 Home Single Language Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Pro Education Windows 10 Education Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Windows 10 Enterprise Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Windows 10 Home N Windows 10 Pro N Windows 10 Pro for Workstations N Windows 10 Pro Education N Windows 10 Education N Windows 10 Enterprise N * Includes all (38) complete Windows 10 Language Packs (Setup, WinRE, OnDemand): ar-SA, bg-BG, cs-CZ, da-DK, de-DE, el-GR, en-GB, en-US, es-ES, es-MX, et-EE, fi-FI, fr-CA, fr-FR, he-IL, hr-HR, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, ko-KR, lt-LT, lv-LV, nb-NO, nl-NL, pl-PL, pt-BR, pt-PT, ro-RO, ru-RU, sk-SK, sl-SL, sr-LATN-RS, sv-SE, th-TH, tr-TR, uk-UA, zh-CN, zh-TW. * This Windows 10 was never in AuditMode and was compiled with the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) tool based on the Windows 10 19041.1 en-US x64 source. * All the included extras can be modified or removed in the ISO\Disc folder ".\sources\$OEM$". * A Windows 10 Activator is not included, but a Text file is placed on the Desktop with a direct download link to a working Activator. * System Requirements are (Minimum|Recommended): 1|3 GigaHertz x64 Processor, 1|4 GigaBytes of RAM, DirectX 9 Graphics card, 50|60 GigaByte Hard Disk space. * How to do a fresh Windows 10 installation: 1. Create a bootable USB Flash Drive with the Windows 10 ISO file by using a USB tool like Rufus (http://rufus.ie) or Burn the Windows 10 ISO file on a Blu-ray disc by using a Brun program like CDBurnerXP (http://cdburnerxp.se). 2. Do a BACKUP of your important files on a separate Drive. 3. To avoid accidentally creating a Windows 10 Online Account or running into the Account bug (Other user), disconnect your Computer from the Internet before the installation. 4. At the Windows 10 Setup menu select "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)". 5. Delete all the old Windows Partitions and then click on install. What News? * Added the latest Windows 10 20H2 x64 Updates from 16.3(March).2021 till 13.4(April).2021: KB5000862 (Replaces KB5001263) | KB5000983 (Replaces KB4586858) | KB5001330 (Replaces KB5001567, KB5001649). * Updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable x86/x64 from "v14.29.29917.0" to "v14.29.30031.0". * Updated Security intelligence updates for Windows Defender Antivirus (KB2267602) x64 from "v1.333.538.0" to "v1.335.723.0". * Updated Windows Defender Antivirus antimalware platform (KB4052623) x64 from "v4.18.2011.6" to "v4.18.2103.7". * Updated Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) x64 from "v5.87.17921.1" to "v5.88.18031.1". * Updated Office 2019 Professional Plus x64 Online Installer from "v2.0.7" to "v2.0.8". * Updated Mozilla Firefox x64 from "v86.0.1" to "v87.0.0". * Updated PotPlayer x64 from "v1.7.21419.0" to "v1.7.21472.0". https://www.microsoft.com/en-us
  7. VMware vSphere 7 (Update 04/2021) | 165.52 GB New architecture: all-in-one. Those. All components for control are enclosed in it. Vcenter Ha Cluster. For simplicity of migration to the new Applaens - VCenter Server Appliance Migration Tool. New API (Rest-Based Apis for VM Management) to simplify automation and infrastructure management. Finally, the official VSphere Client web client based on HTML5. Updated VMware Update Manager, Host Profiles and Auto Deploy. It is simplified in service. Protective HA. If there are problems with the host, the host can be led to quarantine, and to fulfill the VM to fulfill it, before the problem really fails. VSphere HA Orchestrated Restart. VM dependency policies when rebooting after HA triggering. FAULT TOLERANCE is integrated with DRS to determine the optimal host and storage for the shadow copy of the VM. And the FT works through several network adapters. Many extensions in DRS and others. Safe download for hosts and VM. Encryption with vmotion. Encryption of VM discs. Advanced audit. Managing with policies. Year of release: 2020 Version: 7. Developer: VMWare. System Requirements: CPU: x86_64 compatible HDD and RAM - the more, the better Architecture: x86, AMD64 Tabletka: absent Interface language: English What News? VMware vCloud Director vmware-vcloud-director-distribution-10.2.2-17855679.bin VMware-NSX-Migration-for-VMware-Cloud-Director-1.1.tar.gz VMware_Cloud_Director_10.2.2.5821-17855679_update.tar.gz VMware_Cloud_Director- VMware_NSX_Migration_for_VMware_Cloud_Director_1.1_Release_Notes.pdf VMware_NSX_Migration_for_VMware_Cloud_Director_1.1_User_Guide.pdf cpom-vcd-plugin-1.2.0-16970884.zip VMware-NSX-Migration-for-VMware-Cloud-Director-1.1.zip http://www.vmware.com/
  8. Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 Pro Plus VL 14.0.7268.5000 (x86/x64) April 2021 Languages: English | File size: 2.02 GB/2.29 GB Microsoft Office 2010 gives you powerful new tools to express your ideas, solve problems, and connect with people. Office 2010 lets you work how, when, and where you want, letting you get things from a PC, the Web, and even a smartphone. Office 2010 is more "role-based" than previous versions. There are features tailored to employees in "roles such as research and development professionals, sales people, and human resources". In its Internet implementation, Office 2010 incorporates features of SharePoint Server and borrows from "Web 2.0" ideas. Use Office 2010 virtually anywhere: PC, phone, browser With Microsoft Office 2010, you can review and do minor editing on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote 2010 documents, virtually anywhere, by using Office Web Apps from more locations on more devices. Keep your people productive on the go. Office 2010 lets you access and edit documents stored on a server while you're offline with SharePoint Workspace 2010, and then automatically syncs these changes when you're back online. So you stay productive while on the go. Microsoft Office 2010 includes updated support for ISO/IEC 29500:2008, the International Standard version of Office Open XML (OOXML) file format. Office 2010 provides read support for ECMA-376, read/write support for ISO/IEC 29500 Transitional, and read support for ISO/IEC 29500 Strict. In its pre-release (beta) form, however, Office 2010 only supported the Transitional variant, and not the Strict. The intent of the ISO/IEC is to allow the removal of the Transitional variant from the ISO/IEC compliant version of the OOXML standard. Includes • Microsoft Office Access 2010 • Microsoft Office Excel 2010 • Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2010 • Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 • Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 • Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 • Microsoft Office Word 2010 • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 Whats New: -Update for Excel 2010: April 13, 2021 (KB3017810) -Update for Office 2010: April 13, 2021 (KB2553491) -Update for Office 2010: April 13, 2021 (KB2589361) -Update for Office 2010: April 13, 2021 (KB4504739) -Update for Office 2010: April 13, 2021 (KB4493215) -Update for Office 2010: April 13, 2021 (KB4504738) -Update for Outlook 2010: April 13, 2021 (KB4493185) -Update for Word 2010: April 13, 2021 (KB4493218) System Requirements: Computer and processor: 1 GHz or greater x86/x64 Processor with SSE2 instruction set Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit) Hard Disk: 5 GB free disk space Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 , Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX10 graphics card.
  9. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 SP1 15.0.5337.1001 April 2021 OS and system related | Original Install File | x64x86 | 2.67 GB / 2.39 GB Languages: English | Update: April 2021 A new release of Microsoft Office 2013 has received an updated interface, became more social. It is optimized to work with touch and gestures, stylus, mouse and keyboard, so it supports all the new devices based on Windows, including tablets. OneNote and Lync are the first applications for the Office, in the style of Windows 8, they are ground for work on the tablets, your fingertips. By the way, it's claimed broad support Windows 8, including Windows RT. Office 2013, which includes new versions of the applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, will be installed on devices with ARM-Windows 8, including the Microsoft Surface . One of the main features of Office has tight integration with cloud faylohranilischem SkyDrive, documents and all settings will be stored in it by default, providing ease of access from any device connected to the network. The content will be available as offline and synchronize when reconnecting to the network. From social opportunities in the first place is worth to mention integration with Skype. Skype contacts are integrated with Lync, allowing to call or send instant messages. Another function - People Card - allows you to view contact information of the networks Facebook and LinkedIn, including status updates, photos, contact information for yourself and so on. additional fly in the ointment: the new Microsoft Office works with Windows 7 and Windows 8, the software giant has decided to exclude support for operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista . Release of the new Microsoft Office is expected in early 2013. List of known changes in Office 15: • The new interface, which is closer to the concept of Metro, flat menu buttons by analogy with Office 15 (or Office 2013 - is the name of the market, is rumored to be in the new package); • Ability to view comments While reading; • New opportunities to increase / decrease the font size, alignment, line, page width, control the spacing between paragraphs; • New Menu "page layout" on the panel in edit mode. • Office 2013 will not support work with operating systems of previous generations, the exception amount to only Windows 7. • According to employees of the developer, the new version of office software will support work on iPad. Special release will provide users with "apple" tablet to work in the Special edition of Word, Excel and PowerPoint (recall that OneNote for iPad is already there). • On ARM-plates Office 15 will be an integral part of the Windows RT (special assembly Winodws 8 for PC running ARM-processors). • Expectedly, an office suite that will integrate with popular social networking sites such as, Facebook, Flickr, Hotmail and SkyDrive. • You can also say that the software company is preparing an online platform of third party programs Office Marketplace. • In the Office 15 version abolished Starter Edition, which in practice was not very popular among the users. Instead of this edition, it was decided to distribute 60-day "trial" version of the normal set of Microsoft Office. Programs included in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013: • Microsoft Access • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft InfoPath • Microsoft Lync • Microsoft OneNote • Microsoft Outlook • Microsoft PowerPoint • Microsoft Publisher • Microsoft SkyDrive Pro • Microsoft Visio Viewer • Microsoft Word • Office Shared Features • Office Tools Whats New -Update for Excel 2013: April 13, 2021 (KB4504735) -Update for Office 2013: April 13, 2021 (KB3178639) -Update for Office 2013: April 13, 2021 (KB3178643) -Update for Office 2013: April 13, 2021 (KB4504727) -Update for Office 2013: April 13, 2021 (KB4504726) -Update for Outlook 2013: April 13, 2021 (KB4504733) -Update for Word 2013: April 13, 2021 (KB4493208) System Requirements: Computer and processor: 1 GHz or greater x86/x64 Processor with SSE2 instruction set Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit) Hard Disk: 3.5 GB free disk space Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX10 graphics card.
  10. Ronnie McKenzie - The Jewelry Juggernaut MP4 | ENG | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720 | Audio: aac, 24000 Hz | Duration: | Size File: 8h 09m Genre: eLearning Why You Need This Course You've just started your POD journey and figured out all those first steps of getting your first launches running. Now what? This course will give you the direction in building successful foundations for a profitable POD business. Maybe you've been in the industry a while and have lost your way or your 'Print on Demand Mojo'? Consider this course a 'lifesaver' for your POD business, with tons of actionable prompts to kickstart your phrase building & launching again and get it on the right path to becoming a profitable business once more. From $120,000 in Debt, to creating multiple 6 & 7 Figure Ecommerce Businesses! Have you ever felt trapped or weighed down in your circumstances? Not happy with where you're at in life or what you've achieved? I felt the exact same way as I was laying in bed next to my wife in early 2010. We'd just had our first child, Samuel. It was a Sunday morning, the only day I could have any kind of a sleep in and I was completely over it, wanting an opportunity to get online and to be at home with my family. See, at the time I was a carpenter. Getting out of bed at 4:30am 6 days a week, unmotivated, preparing for another 1.5 hour drive to a job site in the middle of nowhere, to start at 7, where I'd spend 10-12 hours working hard, drive home, have dinner and be in bed by 9 to be able to do it all again the next day. I had debt up to the eyeballs, struggling to make ends meet, stressed, wondering where I would get the money to pay my electricity bill, let alone the dozen other bills that were piling up, not to mention where I'd get the money for the next mortgage payment. https://www.storehacks.com/jewelry-juggernaut-course-2/
  11. The LinkedIn Playbook - From 0 to 80k+ Followers MP4 | ENG | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720 | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz | Duration: 1h 08m | Size File: 1.22 GB Genre: eLearning Almost everything I know about LinkedIn, packed into a short digital course. I take you step-by-step through the system I used to build my audience from nothing to over 80,000 amazing followers. Building a tribe of fans online can be overwhelming. As humans, we can feel strange or nervous about putting ourselves out there and having a voice. What should I talk about? How do I get started? Will anyone care what I have to say? I'll show you what I've learned, and how I've grown my audience consistently every day. This technique will be presented in the context of LinkedIn, but it can actually be used to grow an audience nearly anywhere else online. This is an opinionated course. I only cover topics I have significant first-hand experience with. You won't find most of the knowledge I share here in any free blog post you can read online. If this interests you, it would be an honor to have you watch it. Course Preview Here's a he type of content you'll find inside of the course. No email address necessary. Also, be sure to check out the reviews so far 👉🏻 Please note: Buying the course does not come with questions via email or phone calls. Contents Part 1: Course Intro Intro, objectives & outline Establishing your character Part 2: Laying the foundation Defining your niche Establishing your character Part 3: Your LinkedIn profile eBook (67 pages) Chapter 1: The intro section Chapter 2: The about section Chapter 3: Experience Chapter 4: Articles & activity Chapter 5: Education, licenses & certifications Chapter 6: Skills Endorsements and Recommendations Chapter 7: Accomplishments + Interests Part 4: Building your tribe Adding Relevant Connections Adding Industry Titans Audience Boosting Interactions Part 5: Creating content Generating Daily Content Telling Great Stories Other Great Content Posting & The Algorithm Scheduling & Consistency https://gumroad.com/l/linkedinplaybook
  12. Phlearn - How to Create Text Effects in Photoshop MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Difficulty: Easy | Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 9 Lessons (2.75h) | Size: 1 GB No matter what kind of images you create, being able to integrate text into your work is an important skill. Whether you want to make eye-catching posters or advertisements for a client, or you want to share a powerful message with your personal work, this course is all about using letters, words, and typography to make it happen. Learn how to add textures, shadows, and lighting effects, integrate type into photographs, and even create text in stunning 3D. From old-school vintage styles to clean, modern looks, if you want to get creative with type, then this is the course for you! https://www.anonymz.com/?https://phlearn.com/tutorial/text-effects-photoshop/
  13. StudioLine Photo Pro 4.2.62 Multilingual File Size: 115.7 MB StudioLine Photo Pro 4 is the highly effective software for the professional editing and management of large image collections in server-based networks. Of course, the RAW formats from all popular camera models are supported. All in One - Plus Networking StudioLine Photo Pro is a multi-user product for server-based networks. The initial license covers the server instance plus 5 workstations. Additional workstations licenses can be added at any time. Sophisticated user administration functions are available to manage users, groups and permissions. Using a group-centric security model makes it easy to control capabilities for staff and grant varied access levels to specific image archive folders. Your Personal Load Assistant Quickly and easily load images from you camera, hard disk or other drives. Any files not previously loaded are automatically suggested and selected. Pre-defined Tool Settings Store frequently used image tools (filters) or entire filter sequences as templates. This way the same tool settings are available at any time to treat further images with the same editing steps. Protect Your Images Superimpose your personal watermark into your images to prevent unauthorized use. Any graphics and text may be combined to create watermarks. Easy Print Create print layout to suit various occasions. Taylor your images for optimal print results on the desired output medium. MediaCenter Quickly and easily share your photos and videos on the web with friends and family. You control who may access each of your online albums, and if downloading is permitted. Visitors of your albums can search images based on embedded information, or view them as a slide show or on a map. Professional Image Editing Numerous images tools such as white balance, unsharp mask oder RGB mixer are available. All editing steps are non-destructive; they are kept in a database and the original image remains untouched. A few quick steps and your foto set will appear as a slide show, is published as a gallery to the web or burned onto CD/DVD, or is sent via email to your circle of friends. Archival Made Easy Categorize your images with unlimited text in system and user descriptors or by assigning keywords and ratings. After that, searching for specific images or those matching a certain theme is child's play. Presentation View your images in your own albums, in the advanced Timeline Explorer or by keywords and categories. Avoid data loss by backing up your image archive, with all metadata and image edits, to CD, DVD or secondary hard disk. Convenient Geotagging Geotag your images with GPS coordinates from GPS loggers or GPS equipped digital cameras. Or, use the Geo Explorer to drag untagged images to the correct location on a map.
  14. Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 10.0.19042.928 Multilingual Preactivated April 2021 Windows (x64) | Languages:English,German,Greek,French,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese-Portuguese,Portuguese-Brazil,Turkish | File Size: 6.8 GB Windows 10 is a series of personal computer operating systems produced by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family of operating systems. It is the successor to Windows 8.1, and was released to manufacturing on July 15, 2015, and to retail on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 receives new releases on an ongoing basis, which are available at no additional cost to users. Devices in enterprise environments can receive these updates at a slower pace, or use long-term support milestones that only receive critical updates, such as security patches, over their ten-year lifespan of extended support. One of Windows 10's most notable features is support for universal apps, an expansion of the Metro-style apps first introduced in Windows 8. Universal apps can be designed to run across multiple Microsoft product families with nearly identical code‍-‌including PCs, tablets,smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and Mixed Reality. The Windows user interface was revised to handle transitions between a mouse-oriented interface and a touchscreen-optimized interface based on available input devices‍-‌particularly on 2-in-1 PCs, both interfaces include an updated Start menu which incorporates elements of Windows 7's traditional Start menu with the tiles of Windows 8. Windows 10 also introduced the Microsoft Edge web browser, a virtual desktop system,a window and desktop management feature called Task View, support for fingerprint and face recognition login, new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX 12. Net 3.5 Enabled Converted:Install.wim Whats New KB5001330 (OS Build 19042.928) Highlights Updates to improve security when Windows performs basic operations. Updates to improve security when using input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or pen. Improvements and fixes Note To view the list of addressed issues, click or tap the OS name to expand the collapsible section. Windows 10 servicing stack update - 19041.925 and 19042.925 This update makes quality improvements to the servicing stack, which is the component that installs Windows updates. Servicing stack updates (SSU) ensure that you have a robust and reliable servicing stack so that your devices can receive and install Microsoft updates.
  15. PTC Creo (x64) Multilingual File Size: 6.8 GB The Industry's Leading 3D CAD Software. Let's assume you went into product design to create fantastic products. That's your focus, what you want to do, and how you want to be remembered. With the Creo product development software suite, you can take your product from concept to digital prototype and do so with efficiency, accuracy and a measure of grace. Our software is intuitive and all works together. We've been at the cutting-edge of CAD for more than 30 years. Come join us. Creo The future of product design from the leading innovator in 3D CAD. Now you can design smart, connected products and capitalize on new technologies such as additive manufacturing and augmented reality. Creo Parametric The flagship application in the Creo Suite, Creo Parametric is the only software you need for 3D CAD. With Creo Parametric, you can seamlessly combine parametric and direct modeling; open non-native CAD data and collaborate with almost anyone thanks to Unite technology; and relax knowing all downstream deliverables will update automatically. Combine this range of capabilities with ease-of use, and you have a product design accelerator. 3D CAD From the comprehensive capabilities of Creo Parametric to applications specializing in direct modeling, Creo has what you need. Whether you need speed and flexibility to meet a deadline, or are in the initial stages of concept design, direct modeling lets you work with geometry quickly and easily. Creo Parametric: Design your entire product using both parametric and direct modeling Creo Direct: Interact directly with geometry. Suitable for infrequent CAD users. Creo Options Modeler: Easily create variants of configurable products Creo Elements/Direct Modeling: Comprehensive direct modeling capabilities 2D CAD Creo Sketch: Use this free download to capture initial ideas Creo Layout: Leverage 2D data to produce 3D models that accurately reflect design intent Creo Schematics: Create 2D schematic designs of routed systems Creo Elements/Direct Drafting: Meets the 2D needs of designers and engineers Simulation Simulate early and often with software that's easy to set up, use, and run. Now you can resolve basic design issues in engineering before handing off your product to Analysis. Visualization Now colleagues can see your design in the file format that suits them, so design reviews are more productive and data can be reused. Fewer, better prototypes mean faster design cycles and more money in your budget. Creo View MCAD: Intuitive viewer allows non-CAD users to see your design Creo View ECAD: Allows the entire team to see PCB-related designs Creo Illustrate: Create powerful 3D interactive technical illustrations Creo View Mobile: Use your iPad or iPhone to see models created in Creo View Why Creo? Our software doesn't produce innovation: you do. But Creo can help by giving you powerful tools all within one environment as well as choice and flexibility in how you use them. What can you design? One customer designed an artificial heart. Another created a 1.5 ton light sculpture. Maybe your next great product is that one on your desk.

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