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  1. Working as of 21.10.2019
  2. I created this a long time back but never really used it. Only used by 5-6 people so far. Enjoy 😄
  3. Use India Proxy/VPN to avoid password reset. Enjoy 🙂 -
  4. How To Use? YOU NEED 2CAPTCHA SERVICE. ONCE YOUR PAYMENT GETS CONFIRMED ON 2CAPTCHA, GET YOUR API KEY FROM THE SITE AND PUT THAT IN LINE 217 IN virginiaEdu.py WHERE IT SAYS API_KEY. 1. Download python 3.7.3. a. When installing, check ADD TO PATH checkbox. 2. Do the following on cmd: a. pip install requests b. pip install selenium c. pip install pillow d. pip install IMAPClient 3. Download chrome and chrome driver. a. If you download a chrome version 74, then download chromedriver.exe for chrome 74. b. Here is the link: http://chromedriver.chromium.org/downloads 4. Use this link to generate emails: https://thebot.net/api/gmail/ If you enter your gmail name, it is going to generate multiple. Copy the list into notepad, 1 email per line and put it in the same folder as virginiaEdu.py 5. Get proxies and put those on notepad 1 proxy per line. Put it in the same folder as virginiaEdu.py 6. Open your chrome, go to fakenamegenerator.com, click sign in, enter your gmail and password. a. It is going to ask to confirm. So go ahead and confirm, and once it is done, just close the browser. 8. Open fakenamegeneratorVA.py and go to the line where it says driver = webdriver.Chrome(. 9. Place your path to chromedriver.exe in the ' '. And add gmailID, gmailPW. 10. Open virginiaEdu.py, go to line 153 and find driver = webdriver.Chrome and do the same as above step where you put chromedriver.exe path. 11. Now, open virginiaEdu.py with python IDLE, or any editor you have. 12. Go to line 121. a. Change the emailList.txt to your textfile name which has the email list you got from step 4. 13. Go to line 124. a. Change the proxyList.txt to your textfile name which has the proxy list you got from step 5. 14. Go open chrome. Go to google and log in to google using the account that you used on step 4. 15. Go to this link: https://myaccount.google.com/security a. Scroll down to the bottom and enable "access by a less secure app" 16. Go to this link: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#settings/fwdandpop a. Enable IMAP and save. 17. Open verifyVirginiaEdu.py. 18. Go to line 13, and input your gmail id and pw that you used on step 4. 19. Now I believe you are all set. 20. Once the accounts are created, it is going to be written in a text file named vaEduMail.txt. 21. It might skip creating some accounts because of error on website, but it will move on to next account. 22. In virginiaEdu.py line 109, n represents how many accounts you want to try to create. 23. origProxyCount and proxyCount keeps track of which proxies you used, so once the script runs everything and ends, you gotta update the origProxyCount, proxyCount, and emailCount. a. It is going to be emailCount + n, origProxyCount + n, and proxyCount + n. b. So if you originally had emailCount 4, origProxyCount 5, proxyCount 5, and n = 10, Then you are going to set those to 14, 15, 15. 24. You need to run virginiaEdu.py file in order to run the bot. 25. Once it creates accounts, check back in like 10-15 minutes to see if the accounts are activated. 26. Go to this link to check: my.vccs.edu 27. The username and password is going to be in vaEduMail.txt. 28. When you log on, something's gonna pop up. Just press cancel. 29. Click on the gmail icon. 30. There is your email!
  5. *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*[+] Customizable data changer.[+] Check for email with paid suscriptions and changes data automatically.[+] Supports All the proxies Types! HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 [+] Full capture system[+] 4 Methods to use.[+] All Combos supported.[+] Easy to use.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* --------- ------------ DOWNLOAD:
  6. HF 🙂 Like for more
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