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Premium Accounts

  1. All posts must be strictly in ENGLISH.
  2. Avoid replies like  "ty"  "thnx"  or other one word reply. Take the time to appreciate the effort of the poster.
  3. Use [ spoiler ] tags [/spoiler] to hide the content to prevent from leechers.
  4. All content must be unique. Reposting is not allowed except for old posts with no replies (old thread must be locked first)
  5. Members are allowed to make 5 posts in 24 hour time duration. Reason is to promote active contributors, and give members who contribute a chance to move to higher level, which is Beginner or more. 
  6. Posting should be made in the Correct forum. So, you can find the correct content in every section like sentry config section, account sections etc.
  7. Use "Code" BBCode for Posting Links.
  8. Leeching of data from Crackians to other site is strictly not allowed.
  9. If we catch you involved in changing account passwords auto ban!! The same if we catch you trying to gain rank by cheating . We work hard for our Rep here and expect you to do the same!!
  10. Users are only allowed to reply to one of the same type thread per 24 hours. If you find any post/topic is dead Please report it using then edit your post to state not working . only then may you move on to try another of the same account type, this helps keep the forum clean
  11. URL shorteners and survey links are strictly not allowed. Not following the above rules will lead to account suspension/ban.
  12. We don't allow multiple accounts, duplicate accounts are flagged and banned by the system.

Board Life Status

Board startup date: May 07, 2019 15:12:43


  • Staff and Crackers are requested to post only maximum 5 accounts per post in free accounts section to avoid leeching. More than 5 accounts can be posted in Staff and VIP Section

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